Flow gets LTE License

The looming court battle between Telecommunications giant, Flow and the island’s Public Utilities Minister Gregory Bowen has been called off.

James Pitt – Country Manager, Flow

Flow has withdrawn its application for judicial review against the minister and other parties involved in the spectrum license that was granted to Digicel, as a high court judge has ordered that a license be also granted to the company.

According to a release from Flow, the order is legally binding on the parties such as Minister Bowen and the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC).

The court order, which was given a few weeks ago, grants with immediate effect, Flow, the required spectrum license to provide Long-Term Evolution Services.

Country Manager of Flow, James Pitt told reporters at a press conference in St. George’s that an “amicable solution” has been reached on the LTE issue.

He said, “I am pleased that we have mutually agreed to a solution that works for all involved, so that we can get back to our core business of delivering a world-class experience to our customers. Though it is regrettable that the previous actions taken have momentarily placed us at a disadvantage in providing LTE services, we are confident that our proven track record of delivering a fast, reliable, island-wide 4G mobile service and our ability to offer real-time assistance to solve issues will once again be the driving force to help us deliver a superior LTE experience for our customers in the coming months.”

Digicel is ahead of Flow in this regard, because although both companies applied around the same time for the spectrum license, a decision was taken to only grant it to Digicel in the latter part of 2018, as it had applied for a specific region where there was no competition.

Flow had applied for a licence in the same region as another local company called Aislecom.

The launch of Flow’s LTE services is expected to take place soon, as the company is currently in its testing phase with the system.

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