Two Murders in Two Days!!!

In a matter of 48 hours, Grenada has had two homicides with the use of sharpened instruments following fatal incidents in the northern parishes of St. Patrick and St. Mark.

Lester Mark – appeared under heavy guard at the Sauteurs Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday

Dead are 23-year-old Curt Frazer of Mt. Craven, St. Patrick who was killed on Sunday morning and the other is 54-year-old, Dennis John of Waltham, St. Mark whose throat was slit while asleep in his bed in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Police have charged Lester Mark of Soubise, St. Andrew, but who resides at Beaulieu, St. George with Non-Capital Murder in connection with the death of Frazer.

Mark appeared on Tuesday at the Sauteurs Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Karen Noel under heavy police presence as onlookers hurled several angry words at him.

The suspect was brought before the court unrepresented but indicated to the Magistrate that Attorney Derick Sylvester is expected to accompany him on his next court date.

Mark, a security guard with Mega Force Promotions, has been remanded to the Richmond Hill Prison until May 21 when he will be brought back to court for mention.

Frazer was killed after a football game held at Fond, St. Patrick.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Frazer and friends had an altercation with Mark who had been manning the gate at the Pure Grenada Cup football game.

There are conflicting reports about what might have triggered the physical confrontation between the two of them.

18 year old Azim Phillip – is assisting police in the Waltham killing

One report suggests that Frazer and his friends tried to enter the arena for the football game using fake tickets and the murder accused who was on duty told them that they would not be able to pass through and this was followed by an exchange of harsh words including threats.

After the game, the deceased and his friends were spotted drinking at a nearby shop in Fond when a truck approached them.

According to an eyewitness, Mark also known as Bolo, was on the truck and as it was passing someone was seen throwing water on him.

He reportedly got off the truck and was soon involved in a physical confrontation with Frazer who received two stab wounds to the chest from a knife which allegedly broke in the body with the blade remaining embedded in the deceased.

The injured Frazer was rushed to the Sauteurs Medical Station for treatment and then to the St. George’s General Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

One person associated with the football game reported that they had observed Mark in a number of altercations with patrons seeking to enter the gates earlier in the evening.

Christel Antoine – was discovered by a jogger on Grand Anse Beach

One of the persons was the stepfather of the murdered man, who is responsible for ground maintenance at Fond.

After Fraser was stabbed, the accused is said to have gone to the Sauteurs Police Station, not to surrender himself but to file a report that he had been “ambushed”.

But witnesses were able to reach the police station to alert the police of the stabbing while he was there and he was then taken into custody.

Two other relatives of Mark – his brother and his father have also faced murder charges in the past.

Mark’s father had been tried for the death of a man whom he had hit with a bat at a St Patrick playing field several years ago and a brother was also charged for the stabbing death of a Soubise man about two years ago.

Mark is the nephew of politician and former St Patrick East Parliamentarian with the ruling New National Party (NNP), Clifton Paul.

The Preliminary Inquiry into the murder charge slapped on Mark is due to begin on June 4 when witnesses will be called to the stand by the Prosecution.

Police are also investigating the most recent homicide in which John, a British national was killed while asleep in his bed.

A source close to the investigation told this newspaper that John was living in the house with his 51- year-old cousin who was awakened from his sleep around 12.00 a.m. on Tuesday to the sound of the deceased pulling open his room door.

After turning on the light in the room, the cousin noticed the deceased bleeding and holding his neck, but was unable to get him to talk as he sat on the floor, leaned back on the bed and died.

Curt Frazer – stabbed and killed outside a shop near Fond

John who had suffered a severe neck wound was pronounced dead at the scene by a medical examiner.

A post-mortem was scheduled for Wednesday.

According to the source, the killing could be drug related based on information being gathered by police investigators.

18 year old Azim Phillip, a resident of the nearby St. John parish has been picked up by the police to assist them with their investigation.

In another weekend incident, police have ruled out foul play in the death of the 30 year old female whose body was found on Grand Anse Beach last Friday morning.

She has been identified as Christel Antoine of Black Bay, St. John, who left her home the day before.

The body was discovered by a jogger and police believe she may have encountered some medical issues which resulted in her death.

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