SAMS offering Ante-natal Classes

St. Augustine’s Medical Services (SAMS) has commenced a brand new initiative – monthly Ante-natal classes for expectant parents.

Ante-natal, or parent-craft classes, help prepare mothers and their partners, for the arrival of their newborn.

The classes are tailored to work in tandem with the ante-natal care, which most expectant mothers receive from health care professionals during pregnancy, including appointments with a midwife, or an obstetrician.

Administrative Executive for SAMS, and mother of three, Mrs Amechi, shares her experience, “Being pregnant can be an exciting and also a scary time. Having classes, where you can receive information and advice, can help lay the groundwork for approaching the BIG event, and the challenges and surprises beyond, with confidence.”

Classes, which are currently being held on the second and fourth Friday of each month at SAMS, will assist mothers with preparing a birth plan and educate them on arrangements and choices, which can be made for labour and birth, in advance of the event.

They will also address how to remain healthy during pregnancy and the adjustments required in caring for a newborn. Areas such as; a healthy diet and nutrition, the importance of hydration, vitamin intake, exercise etc., will also be discussed in the educational sessions.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Pauline Peters, made a point of inviting SAMS to participate in a workshop under the USAID Maternal Child Survival Programme; “Helping Babies Survive – Essential Care for Small Babies – Training of Trainers”- held Nov 7 & 8, 2018.

This was successfully completed by several members of the SAMS nursing team.

Dr. Amechi, Resident Physician and part owner of SAMS stated, “We are very pleased to be addressing an area of such importance. Educating both expectant parents, and the nursing staff, in childbirth and infant care, is a positive move towards addressing infant mortality rates, by looking at simple factors which can improve or even pre-empt possible challenges in both areas.

“We appreciated the further acknowledgement of our standing as an integral part of the health care community in Grenada, as seen by the invitation extended to our nursing team by the Ministry of Health,” he concluded.

St Augustine’s Medical Services wishes to advise that ante-natal classes are normally recommended 8-10 weeks before the baby’s due date (30-32 weeks pregnant) but introductory classes on baby care can also be attended early on in the pregnancy.

Persons wishing to attend classes at SAMS are requested to call in advance to book a place.

(Submitted by St. Augustine’s Medical Services (SAMS)

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