Botanical Gardens set for Launce Aux Epines

Renowned agriculturist Dennis Canning is again embarking on another initiative aimed at preserving this country’s natural environment.

In addition to maintaining over 40 acres (combined) of organic agricultural lands spanning three parishes, Canning is now venturing on the establishment of a mini botanical gardens in Launce Aux Epines, St George.

“It is my intention to put a park in that area, to establish reserved space for the exhibition of our unique flora for locals and visitors alike to enjoy”, a beaming Canning revealed.

The project includes the restoration of an apartment building destroyed during hurricane Ivan in 2004, along with the Park.

According to the entrepreneur, seeing the preliminary work on his dream of establishing more green space and preserving flora unique to Grenada is giving him great Joy.

“While I have worked abroad moving back and forth for many years, my focus now is doing whatever it takes to be a part of any restoration effort to ensure that as many spices, other trees and flora unique to this spice isle is preserved”, he said.

“We are obligated, canning added, to ensure the value of Agriculture, to our health and well-being is given the necessary attention”.

The elderly St. Patrick entrepreneur noted that many persons would have opted for the construction of revenue generating projects but since he decided to reside permanently in Grenada “my focus is to continue with investment for the development of agriculture and the preservation of the environment”.

Last year, Canning undertook the reconstruction of a number of agricultural roads in his community.

The Agriculturist has vowed to continue to play a key role in championing for the reduction of weedicides and pesticides and boasts of undertaking a one-man campaign against the use of gramazone (weedicide) several years ago.

Canning considers Grenada to be the Eden of the western hemisphere but expresses concern at the rapid pace of infrastructural development without adequate allocation to agricultural development and land preservation.

He is hopeful that the botanical garden/nature park in the making will also provide a green relaxation space for the public and visitors.

Grenada’s Botanical Gardens at Tanteen is now utilised to house the Ministry of Education and the Ministerial Complex for several government ministeries and departments such as the Passport & Immigration Office of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) and the Government Printery.

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