Message from Catholic Bishop of Grenada, Clyde Harvey for Easter 2019

Beloved in the Risen Lord,

CHRIST IS RISEN! HE IS TRULY RISEN! With these words our Lenten observance ends and we begin the glorious feast of Easter. This year it is my joy and responsibility to invite you to embark with me on an Easter journey ON THE ROAD TO PENTECOST.

Bishop Clyde Martin Harvey

The Church, beginning with Mary Magdalene, is the witness to the Resurrection. Over the past months, I have become very aware of the challenges we face as the Catholic Church in Grenada. We have been buried for some time in tombs of blindness, inaction, lack of financial resources, lack of leadership. The road had been mapped out as far back as Assembly ’78 and in the Diocesan Synod of 2012. We were slow to move, if not actually paralysed.

We have had many discussions over the past 15 months among clergy and laity. A light is dawning which summons us from our slumbers, out of our tombs. We have Good News to announce. CHRIST LIVES! LIVE CHURCH! BUILD COMMUNITY! SERVE COUNTRY!

We are seeing, even if only through a glass dimly, new vision and new hope, not only for the Church, but for all Grenada. God is calling us to take the missionary road as his chosen disciples. He calls us to listen to His Word, to deepen faith and to move beyond the comfort of our churches as missionaries and witnesses to His forgiveness and loving kindness.

God is calling all of us, Bishop, Priests and Laity, young and seniors to receive, live and proclaim NEW LIFE for our diocese.

Today I launch the journey toward PENTECOST RALLY 2019. This will take place at PROGRESS PARK on Pentecost Sunday, June 9th 2019. That Sunday will be the culmination of a week of activities which will take us all over Grenada.

Our young people have set the pace with their Mobile Stations of the Cross which included Carriacou and Petite Martinique. We can be very proud of them and grateful to those who are our Diocesan Youth Commission for the initiative and creative energy which they have shown. That same Spirit is in all of us. Rise! Let us Go!

During this Lent I made Pastoral Visits to St. Patrick’s, Victoria, Munich, Carriacou, Petite Martinique, Perdmontemps and St. David’s, varying periods of three to five days. These have been challenging and stimulating experiences for me. I thank all the clergy and laity who welcomed me with such joy and openness. I cannot thank you enough for your Christian hospitality.

I see the great work being done and the enormous amount of work that is to be done. THE HARVEST IS GREAT and ALL OF US ARE CALLED TO BE LABOURERS IN THE VINEYARD.

Let us begin these 50 days of unceasing prayer for our Church. We do not cower in an upper room waiting in fear. The Spirit is already with us by virtue of our baptism. All we need to do is step out of our boats, our comfort zones and walk towards the Lord.


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