Derek Harrow murder trial to commence in June

The Soubise, St. Andrew resident slapped with an indictable charge of Non-Capital Murder, in connection with the November 20, 2017 stabbing death, of 58-year-old Boat Captain, Derek Harrow of the same village, has pleaded not guilty to the offence at the St. George’s High Court.

Elvin Mark – pleaded not guilty of causing the November 2017 death of Derek Harrow

Elvin Mark, 25, who is originally from Rose Hill, St. Patrick and has been on remand since his arrest by police days after the fatal incident, entered his plea last week Tuesday, before Guyanese-born judge, Justice Paula Gilford, at the St. George’s No. 1 High Court on St. John’s Street.

The deceased and his accused murderer were reportedly engaged in a bloody altercation just after 10 o’ clock on the fatal Friday night.

Harrow, who was described as a “very quiet” individual by persons fond of him, was found lying on the ground in a pool of blood with multiple stab wounds to his body just outside his place of residence.

His niece, whose name remains undisclosed, made the discovery when she went searching for him, after receiving information from her young son, who told her that he saw the uncle scuffling with someone behind the house.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the weekend stabbing stemmed from an attempted robbery at the home of the deceased.

On the occasion of his first court appearance in November 2017, the murder suspect was observed limping as a result of an injury to his left leg.

Last week, ahead of the trial, Mark’s legal counsel, Attorney-at-Law Jerry Edwin, informed the court, that he plans to call a total of four (4) witnesses to support his defense, while the Prosecution team pointed to an unfinished list of witnesses for the State, given among other things, the absence of the female Cuban pathologist, who returned to her homeland at the end of her contract late last year.

Speaking with THE NEW TODAY following the hearing, Attorney Edwin indicated his belief that Mark has a strong self-defense case in the matter, which is scheduled for June 17th for trial.

Mark faces a maximum penalty of life imprisonment if convicted of Harrow’s murder.

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