Wuss Fete is set for May 18

A number of regional artistes including Trinidad and Tobago’s Voice and Florida, USA resident Ricardo Drue are expected to be headlining the anticipated Wuss Fete event of reigning Soca Monarchs Dingaan “Lil Natty” Henry and Nyelon “Thunda” Williams to be held on May 18.

The Soca Duo and their team at the launch

Launched on Monday at the Venus Restaurant in the south of the island, the Fete would be celebrating its ninth year at Marlmount Big Yard in St. David.

As part of the fete, the Soca duo are expecting to film a video on their Soca Monarch and Road March winning tune, “Get in your section.”

In addressing the gathering, “Thunda” said that he and his co-partner can take some of the credit for helping to spread soca music across the globe.

“Soca Music has gone to the world and I think we had a hand in bringing soca music to the world and we couldn’t do it without ya’ll.

We’ve been to a lot of places – London, Canada, New York, Holland, and we’ve been through the Caribbean. It’s been a great experience, a lot of people gave – me especially”, he said.

According to Thunda, he has grown personally and people no longer see him as a “shy” young man.

He said: “I still believe I am shy but I am getting there. Our musical journey has been great, meeting different people, different artistes, producers, promoters and we met a lot of people that we could bring into our fete in Grenada, which is Wuss Fete.

“A lot of artistes wanna be a part of it – we can’t bring everybody but we try to bring as much as we can this year, next year and the years to come…”, he added.

Thunda pointed out that the Duet has been putting on the event for the past nine years now and it has come a long way from the beginning to now.

“I think 2019 Wuss Fete will be one of the best fetes you’ve ever seen in Grenada. Wuss Fete 2019 – it will be epic, it will be a movie, come let’s enjoy ourselves, play mas, meet new people, make new friends and keep the relationship,” he said.

“Lil Natty” Williams told reporters at the launch that a surprise act is expected at the fete.

He said: “2019 Wuss Fete is going to be a movie, we have worldwide friends we are going to be bringing in. Well we have voice, so you know it’s pandemonium on Wuss Fete, we have Ricardo Drue and we have a surprise artiste coming in. Ladies, ya’ll need to come out, it’s going to be one of the best seasons for Wuss Ways…2019 carnival is going to be one of the best carnival in Grenada ever.
Chief Executive Officer of Spicemas Corporation (SMC), Kelvin Jacob attended the launch and endorsed the event.

He said, “On behalf of Spicemas Corporation, we would like to congratulate them for their acceptance for the change of day, which is a true move for the supporting of Culture in Grenada, supporting Spicemas and supporting Grenada. It’s a very good move to show that we are not competing but we are collaborating for the greater good.”

“Also we would like to congratulate the artistes themselves on their continued drive to promote Soca Monarch and promote Grenada and promote Spicemas. We want to encourage them to continue doing that. In whatever way Spicemas can support, we will support them and we endorse Wuss Fete and we encourage everyone to come on board and support Wuss Fete,” he added.

The fete will be held on May 18 at Marlmount Big Yard with tickets on sale for $30 on www.gotofete.com until Friday and $40 thereafter.

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