A non-traditional Career Path for a five year old

One parent is proudly publicising her daughter’s choice of career for her school’s career day, as she encourages parents to not always direct their children toward the more popular ones.

Tia Abraham as a Prison Officer for Career Day

Five-year-old Tia Abraham of Archibald Avenue, St. George was nicely attired in her prison officer’s ceremonial uniform for her school’s – St. George’s SDA Primary – Career Day last Wednesday.

Her mother Cindy Stuart told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that this is her second year performing as a Prison Officer.

“Today is all about Career Day and the Career Day is about children deciding what they want to be probably when they grow up. My daughter went as a Prison Officer; that’s her second time going as a prison officer. So I am trying to tell parents, instead of sending your child like a teacher, because in some schools we have about 50 children going as teachers, how much police officers, how much firefighters but very rare you would see a prison officer, very rare you would see a chef, very rare you may see somebody going as a lab technician or something like that,” she stated.

The mother noted that the very first time her daughter went as a Prison Officer was at the age of three at pre-school, where she chose her career from a line-up of pictures.

“I put up some pictures when she was going (to) Green Street (Pre-Primary) and I told her to choose one of which she want to do for Career Day and she chose the brown; that was the Prison Officer. She saw them at the National Stadium at Independence and I sent her like that,” she said.

For 2019, she said, the five year old chose again to go as a Prison Officer.

“So, for this year I asked her, I said Tia what do you want to go as, she said mummy I want to go as the same thing as I went last year. So, I just decided to change the uniform and send her ceremonial instead of as the prison officer, so I made a change from a brown to a green.

“I wouldn’t mind at all (she becoming a prisoner officer) because it seems as though she like that field. She would be a little police around the house, she want to correct people and tell them this is not the way you do it, this is the way you do it…years from now, possibility exist that she could be one,” she said.

Stuart stated that she wouldn’t mind at all if her daughter follows through with that career path in the future, and reiterated the point that parents should encourage their children to consider non-traditional jobs.

“I am trying to tell parents to kind of change the way that they think or what the children say they want to do. Yes, they may say they want to be …and two minutes after they change their mind but try and send them…it has so much of different fields you can choose for the child to go instead of being a teacher. You can put them in a suit…so another child can say mummy I want to be that when I grow up or I want to go like this child for Career Day,” she said.

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