The Silver Sands luxury experience

It’s been four (4) months, since the US$125M Silver Sands Hotel welcomed its first set of guests to the silver-white sands of Grand Anse Beach and Egyptian investor Naguib Sawiris has apparently lived up to his promise to present to guests a radical departure from conventional Caribbean hospitality.

The multi-million dollar resort is made up of two (2) blocks (hotel one (1) and hotel two (2), comprising 42 suites across three (3) floors, which offers visitors the option to choose between a ‘garden view,’ ‘ocean level view’ and ‘pent house view.’

Each room at the hotel is equipped with a fully stacked complimentary mini-bar, which can be customised daily to suit the taste of each guest.

The rooms at the hotel don’t open with ordinary keys or key card but is operated magnetically and “each guest gets a bracelet with a magnet which holds the key to open the particular room.

“We are very tech savvy here…technology manages everything in the room,” said Sorona Mitchell, Silver Sands Public Relations Officer who took THE NEW TODAY on a tour of the facility.

She stressed that through the use of the hotel’s “ app,” which currently “only works with the iphone, a guest can open his/her room door (and) see whoever it is at the door through a camera which is uniquely installed inside the door, regulate the air conditioner, open and close bedroom and window drapes,” among many other exciting features.

Each room is similarly designed with a unique rain shower setting in the bathroom and comes with not only towels and soap and lotion, but also two (2) Silver Sands branded his and her bath robes, bedroom slippers, ordinary slippers, a flashlight, umbrella and a flat screen smart TV, just to name a few.

Silver Sands also “boasts to be the only hotel in the region to give the guest access to flight information, arrivals and departures on the TV in your room,” Mitchell said.

“You go in, you can see the destination, flight, company, whether the flight is scheduled or so,” she remarked.

Each hotel block is also equipped with one (1) interconnecting room on each of the two (2) hotel blocks.

Apart from the hotel blocks, Silver Sands comprises four (4) ‘beach front villas’ and five (5) hill side ocean view villas.

Although the luxury resort opened last December, to date the ‘hill top villas’ are still under construction but Mitchell said “they are in the process of finishing (and) it’s only a matter of time,” before they are completed and ready for occupancy.

“They are nearing completion,” said Mitchell, who disclosed that there were 16 people in house during the visit.

Although the hill top was still under construction, THE NEW TODAY got the opportunity to view one of the completed beach front villas, which comes equipped with a butler station, its own pool and other amenities.

The hotel blocks are designed parallel to each other and are located to the right of the ‘Puro (Pure) Cigar and Rum Lounge and the high-end souvenir shop called ‘Chile,’ where the prices are quite ‘hot’ as the name suggests.

“And according to the story in Egypt, when you spend a lot of money it burns the pocket, hence the name Chile,” the Silver Sands PRO said, as she explained how the souvenir shop got its name.

The hotel’s owner recently purchased one of the most expensive alcoholic beverages on the market to enhance the high-end experience at the Puro (Pure) Cigar and Rum Lounge.

Only 250 decanters of ‘Hennessy 8’were created and Silver Sands acquired number 147 at a cost of US$69, 000 approximately 2 months ago. One shot of this limited edition cognac is going for a pricey $6, 000 at the resort’s cigar and rum lounge.

“We acquired it about two (2) months ago. There are only 250 versions created in the world, we have number 147…this is a luxury resort – so, parts and parcel of it is luxury (and) this is something that we see, adds to the luxury of the place,” said Mitchell, who noted that this unique cognac “is not for consumption just like that”.

“If you can afford it, then you consume it, if you can’t then we have other drinks that you can afford,” she added.

The cigar and rum lounge, is uniquely decked off with over 100 rums, from the local, regional and international markets, as far as Malaysia.

The lounge is not only decked off with liquors but also Italian masquerade ball masks from Sawiris’ personal collection.

The hotel owner has also added his personal taste to the decor of the entire hotel, which is filled with unique pieces of art collected over the years.

“The masks are from Mr. Naguib Sawiris collection. He has a great taste in art (and) throughout the resort you will see pieces of art that he chose himself from his collection and these masks are from Venice to be exact,” said Mitchell.

Additional features unique to the Silver Sands luxury experience is the ‘Souna’ room, which is a small room where you are exposed to a lot of steam, the ‘ice cave,’ which basically helps aid in circulation and for people who are exposed to a lot of sunlight, and the ‘hammam,’ another hot area, which basically gives you a hot/steam bath and a shower that shows the different seasons and the bucket shower, hot/cold.

The hotel boasts 2 restaurants; the “Grenadian Grill” and the “Asiatique”- a French Asian eatery, both headed by French Culinary Director Jean Louis Brocardi.

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