The introduction of E-Books to Schools

The Government of Grenada is proposing the introduction of E-Books to the school system as a means of minimising the build-up of hard copy books and the wastage of millions of dollars after the school book list changes.

Speaking at the weekly post-Cabinet Press Briefing at the Ministerial Complex, Minister of Education, Emmalin Pierre said that the time has come for government to seriously look at the introduction of this initiative to the schools.

According to the Minister, the process has already started through consultation to effect its implementation.

“We’ve started looking at actual suppliers, actual contractors that we can engage in this process and we view this as extremely critical for a number of reasons. I am sure for many of you who are parents, you are concerned about the health implications of the number of books that our children have to carry on their backs on a daily basis – it is frightening sometimes and so that (E-Books) we expect will address that particular issue…”, she said.

Minister Pierre suggested that E-Books were the way to go given the number of boxes of books stored at schools across the island.

She lamented the fact that the school book list often change and the books can no longer be used and have to be put away at some point in time.

“…We have no control over this but when the book list changes what happens to the millions of dollars we’ve already invested in those books and so we view that as another reason why we have to seriously look at E-Books”, she said.

“… Also the question of every child having every book available is also a concern because while government invest millions of dollars only last July would have spent over 2.8 million dollars on school books. Now that to me was still just a drop in the ocean, and so it means that we have to seriously pursue that conversation of E-Books and how we’re going to be moving forward,” she added.

Meanwhile, Minister in the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Culture and the Arts, Kate Lewis has given details about a scholarship programme available under the Imani Programme in which approximately 100 students is benefitting.

Minister Lewis who also addressing reporters at post-Cabinet Press Briefing disclosed that 10 trainees under the programme will be graduating this year from the T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) and the St. George’s University (SGU).

“To date we have approximately 100 of our trainees in the scholarship aspect of our trainees in May and July of this year respectively. Some of our trainees will be graduating with Bachelor’s Degree from St. George’s University and Associates Degrees from T.A. Marryshow Community College”, she told reporters.

“…Over 10 persons will be graduating with their Bachelor’s Degree from St. George’s University in the areas of Nursing, Biology, Business Management, IT and Accounting. We will have over 15 persons graduating from TAMCC in areas of Pharmacy, Social Work, Business Studies, Culinary Arts and Building Technology,” she said.

The minister disclosed that a stipend is provided to the students to cover transport, food, study resources and daily expenses.

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