12 months in prison for two young men from Birchgrove

Two young men of Birchgrove, St. Andrew will spend the next 12 months at the Richmond Hill Prison for stealing.

Rondel Lessey and Hezron Farray – sentenced to 12 months in prison for stealing EC$1, 700.00

The sentence was handed down on 22-year-olds, Rondel Lesey and Hezron Farray by Magistrate Nevlyn John, after they entered guilty pleas before her at the Grenville Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

They pleaded guilty to stealing a combined sum of EC$1, 700 from a dwelling house in the Birchgrove community occupied by a Ukrainian

The two were reportedly employed at a restaurant operated by the Ukrainians when the incidents occurred.

Attorney-at-Law Andrew Thomas, who assisted with the matter, pleaded with the court to not impose a custodial sentence on the men, who have been on remand since their arrest last month.

“Your Honour, I know it was a breach of trust (because) both defendants were employed with the company,” said Attorney Thomas, who urged the court to impose a non-custodial sentence.

The attorney recommended a suspended sentence, stating that this would act as a deterrent and prevent the re-commission of the offences.

“You can also impose a fine,” he told the court, expressing the view that “sending them off to prison would not do them any good.”

The Ukrainian cleric and two of the persons who accompanied him on Monday to the hearing at the Grenville Magistrate’s Court

However, the Magistrate held a different view since the youngsters are no strangers to the court and have been treated leniently in the past for the commission of similar offences.

“What is propelling them…I am amazed at what is written here,” Magistrate John said as she reviewed the court file.

“(They have been) reprimanded and discharged (several times), fined and (given) community service. So, this means that the court has been very lenient…I don’t think I have a choice but to impose a custodial sentence”, she said.

“I have boiled it down to deviance (because) the court has bent over backwards for them (and) I don’t think the parties respect authority,” she added.

On the first charge of stealing EC$500.00, both youngsters were sentenced to six (6) months and on the charge of stealing EC$1, 200.00, another six months (6), with the sentences to run consecutively.

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