Gouyave resident wins Supermarket Sweepstake

A lucky customer of Axel Finance Grenada walked away with just over $400.00 worth of groceries after successfully completing the task set out in a supermarket sweepstake competition at the Foodland Supermarket.

Winner Leon Decoteau together with Axel Finance employees

Leon DeCoteau of Gouyave, St. John and Amelia Harris were both given two minutes to fill their baskets with groceries worth $500.00 or less at the Foodland Supermarket at the St. George’s Market Square.

Harris was the first given to start the ball rolling and at the end of the two minutes was able to fill her basket with $384.59 worth of groceries.

However, DeCoteau did better and was able to collect $413.22 worth of groceries.

An elated DeCoteau who spoke with members of the media after the competition explained the strategy used to fill his basket.

He said, “I had one or two hick-ups but it was a good experience. I had little things on my mind that I didn’t pick up but apart from that it was fun. I do shopping here, but not on a regular basis. So, I came here early and familiarised myself with the aisle and the other thing.

“Usually I do my own shopping at the end of the month up at Gouyave, so I had an idea as to what to pick up. So, when I came here early, I was looking at what I usually pick up and usually when I finished shopping in Kalico at Gouyave, it’s usually around the same $500, so I had an idea as to what to put in the basket. So, I was just focusing on putting those things that I usually pick up there in the basket.”

According to DeCoteau, he always joked in the past with the employees at Axel Finance about having him included in any of their promotions but it came as a shock to him when he was told that he was selected.

“Axel Finance from my experience, they have been very, very customer friendly – they have been very, very worthwhile. I always listen…most of the times I watch news and even listen to the radio. I always hear Axel Finance have a promotion here and have a promotion there, and I remember on two occasions before I went by them and I say, ‘well I always here, give me something nuh’ and it has never really worked out and I just didn’t bother, but on Saturday, when Mr. Philbert called, he said, ‘I have great news for you…you were selected to be one of the persons on the shopping spree,” he remarked.

Apart from the goods, Harris also received a bag filled with Axel Finance goodies.

Operations Manager at Axel Finance, Cameron Philbert said that this was one of three promotions being rolled out in all Caribbean countries in which Axel Finance operates.

“We thought it would be fitting to have a competition that would allow us to give back to individuals. We have one of three shopping sprees that are taking place, all of which (are) carded for the Foodland Supermarkets. We also had the shopping spree back in 2015 and after looking at our customer reviews we decided to have it again in 2019. It’s actually something that’s happening across the region and the same thing is going to be happening on April 8th and we’re going to have one regional draw on April 18th,” he added.

The Supermarket Sweepstakes taking place on April 8th will be for $1000.00 and the other on April 18 will be worth $1500.

Only persons who would have taken part in the loans services provided at Axel Finance will qualify for the competition.

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