Prisoner Slashes Visitor to Prison

Commissioner of Prisons, John Mitchell is tight-lipped about an incident last Friday at the Richmond Hill prison in which an inmate used a razor blade to inflict a wound on his girlfriend who was visiting him.

Mitchell who is an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) with the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) was contacted by THE NEW TODAY to comment on reports that Sheldon “Dutch” Bain was the prisoner who inflicted the wound which left the young lady nursing wounds.

This newspaper understands that the long term girlfriend of Bain who is currently serving an 80 year prison sentence for the 2002 death of a female trafficker, paid him a visit.

Approximately 15 minutes into the allowed visiting time, the prisoner and his female friend reportedly asked for an additionaly two minutes which was agreed.

However, moments later, Prison Officers had to pull the two apart as they were engaged in a scuffle.

There are reports that the physical confrontation stemmed from Dutch’s suspicion that his girlfriend was having an affair with a Prison Officer.

He reportedly asked her to see her back and when she complied, she received a punch to her head and was cut with a razor on her back and on her cheek.

When the Prison chief was contacted, ASP Mitchell was reluctant to confirm what happened but said that an investigation was ongoing.

“I am hearing something like that and I am currently investigating this. I cannot give any information until I have the file on my desk. After the investigation is complete, I will see what happens”, he said.

Questions are now being asked by the public on how the prisoner came in possession of the sharpened instrument inside the prison walls to inflict the injury on the woman.

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