Police Corporal Reinstated

Police Corporal, Garvin Alexander was restored his rank last week Thursday, after being demoted to the rank of Constable for a period of 3 months on May 10, as a result of internal discipline.
Head of the Community Relations Department (CRD), of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF), Inspector Trevor Rodney, confirmed the restoration of the officer’s rank via a telephone interview with THE NEW TODAY last week Friday.

PC Alexander, who is stationed at the South Saint George Police Station, was demoted following a complaint that he, in his capacity as supervisor failed to respond in a timely manner to a complaint made by a Grand Anse resident.

According to a release from CRD, Alexander was found guilty on 2 disciplinary charges – “Neglect of Duty” and “Conduct Prejudice to the Good Order and Discipline of the Force.”

It is standard practice for internal disciplinary action to be taken against officers following complaints from the public and or officers.

The police rules and regulations provide for an officer to be accompanied by a lawyer to those disciplinary hearings.

According to an informed source, during the 3-month assessment in which PC Alexander received a salary equal to his rank, the requirements needed at the Corporal level were met by Alexander, who demonstrated satisfactory leadership qualities and attitudes.

He has now been restored to the rank of Corporal with all the benefits due to him.

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