20-year old gets 18 Months for Ganja

A 20-year-old man has found himself on the wrong side of the law after attempting to smuggle a small quantity of cannabis to an inmate, who was being held in police custody at the Grenville Police Station, Victoria Street Grenville, St. Andrew.

Back photoThe accused, Raheem Nathaniel of Forde in St. Andrew, would spend the next 18 months behind bars at the Richmond Hill prison for possession of a controlled drug.

The sentence was handed down on him last week Friday by Magistrate Nevlyn John at the Grenville Magistrate’s Court.

The unemployed young man was arrested and charged by Grenville police last week Thursday, after the approximately 3.64 grams of cannabis was discovered in a manipulated juice box, which he was attempting to deliver to a prisoner, who was identified as one of his cousins.

The person held in custody was at the time waiting to be transported to the Richmond Hill Prisons after being sentenced by Magistrate John on the same day for prison time for an offence.

According to a Police Prosecutor in Grenville, Nathaniel had visited the prisoner, who requested that he buy him a box of juice.

Nathaniel left the Police station to purchase the item returning about 15 minutes later with the manipulated juice box.

Police officers became suspicious of the package since the box of juice looked and felt unusual.

On opening the box, police officers discovered the approximately 3.64 grams of cannabis secured underneath two transparent plastic bags filled with water.

Nathaniel, who was unrepresented pleaded guilty to the offence but offered an explanation to the court.

He stated that his cousin sent him to collect the package from another individual, who he told the court that he could not identify.

However, Magistrate John did not buy into Nathaniel’s defense and expressed disgust for his lack of respect for authority.

“This is a very aggravating situation,” the female Magistrate said.

“It was a properly developed plan…you manipulated a whole box of juice and brought it into the police station…what should we expect next?” she asked disturbingly.

Meanwhile, a 44-year-old Gouyave resident was sentenced to spend the next 8 months behind bars for the offence of stealing.

Junior Richards was caught on camera stealing a brand new transformer from an appliance store (Anthony’s Store) in Grenville, St. Andrew on February 11.

He also appeared unrepresented before Magistrate John last week Friday at the Grenville Magistrate’s Court.

The Police Prosecution informed the court that Richards, who is frequently involved in criminal activities in his home town, was making arrangements to sell the brand new transformer for EC$50 when he was taken into custody.

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