The late Jacqueline Cornwall paved the way for the promotion of social issues affecting women

On the passing of Jacqueline Cornwall

One of the Founding Members – Grenada National Organisation of Women

Former President – Grenada National Organisation of Women

Former Member of the Senate

Former Executive Board Member of World YWCA

Former President of the Young Women Christian Association-YWCA Grenada

Former Member of the Conference of Churches – Grenada

Former Member of the Lady of the Rosary

The President, Executive Committee, Management Committees of all our Affiliates, Members and staff of the Grenada National Organisation of Women (GNOW) take this opportunity to extend heartfelt condolences to the husband, children, family and friends of the late Jacqueline Josephine Cornwall.

Kindly accept our profound appreciation for sharing such a great person with us. She was an integral part of the sisterhood, a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, friend, colleague, neighbour, counsellor, consultant.

Mrs. Jacqueline Cornwall made significant contributions to the Grenada National Organisation of Women. She was passionate about empowerment. She was a very committed, dedicated, hard-working, soft-spoken, humble, and warm individual whose role as President was exemplary. Jackie, as she was affectionately called never gave up, she volunteered and made tremendous sacrifices towards the ongoing development of GNOW.

She will always be remembered for her role in championing the cause of women/girls and by extension – the family. She worked tirelessly towards empowerment of women and girls, personal development, capacity building, training for life-skills, and preparing Women for leadership roles. What an achievement, what an example, and a clear path for those of us who are passionate about service and giving back to our communities.

It is said – “it is not what your Country can do for you but it is what you can do for your Country.” Jacqueline Josephine Cornwall gave of herself, committing her life to service as she pursued her passion, inspiring everyone she interacted with, both locally and abroad so that we can aspire, we can achieve.

We sincerely thank the family for allowing her to share that part of her life with us. She was truly a Blessing and will be missed.

May she rest in Peace!

(This was submitted by Shirlene Herbert, President of the Grenada National Organisation of Women)

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