PWU battle heats up

The election battle is heating up for control of Grenada’s largest public sector union – the Public Workers Union (PWU).

The outgoing Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the union, Brian Grimes has filed Nomination papers to challenge Rachel Roberts for the post of President of the union.

THE NEW TODAY has seen the copy of a slate of candidates on a list said to be supporting of the Grimes camp.

Deanna Isaac from the sister isle of Carriacou who is seeking to return to the post of Assistant Secretary has written to public officers to complain of an attack on her integrity as the campaign for position heats up.

Without being specific, Isaac whose name was not seen on the Grimes slate said that a battle has started in which her “character and integrity were brought into question” after making it known that she would not be part of any slate in seeking re-election.

Following is the full text of Isaac’s statement:

“Good day, my fellow public officers it is with an aggrieved spirit I write to you. As you are all aware that the PWU elections is carded for March 8th, 2019. And, I have decided to contest the same post which I presently hold, which is Assistant Secretary.

Let me at the onset say that I know that no one is married to any post within any organisation.

However, based on my encounters over the years and my performance over the last 2 years I thought it best to seek re-election and I humbly do so.

Leading up to the announcement of the elections and during conversations I guess it was expected that I would support certain individuals.

However, after much prayer and thought I made the individual choice to not run on no slate and expressed my opinions that I want no part of this.

In my 11 years as a public officer and participating in PWU elections I voted for individuals who I believed had the best interest of workers at heart.

Well, from since then a battle was started, one where my character and integrity were brought into question. Therefore, I would like to categorically state that when I was elected to serve in 2017 I was not even aware that members of the executive council received a stipend of $200.00 as every council member receives. I was just interested in continuing to be a voice for my dear members in Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

In the first instance accommodation was provided for me at Deyna’s City Inn to allow my participation in our monthly meetings. However, when I saw what it was costing the union which was almost $600 per trip I decided that I would no longer use that accommodation and instead I went to my fiance’s family home which they have gladly accepted me.

After many months of doing so, I was given a per diem just as persons within the public service of $199.43 to cover my meals, transportation etc.

So, it saddens my heart that because I have decided to not follow where others want me to that my name is being dragged in the pit.

I will not sit idly by and allow this to happen. It’s my democratic right to make whatever choices I so desire.

Judge me on the things that I did to defend and protect workers right. That’s what the trade union movement is about”.

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