Grenfin tops at National Swimming Championship

It was 6 days of intense competition at the Good Hope Swimming Pool where over 100 swimmers competed in the 2019 GASA POWERADE National Swimming Championships from February 16th – 17th and 21st to 24th.

The swimmers from the two major clubs, Grenfin and Sailfish, competed in 104 events over a period of 6 days, which was spread over two weekends.

At the end of the competition GRENFIN emerged the 2019 National Champions with a total of 2101 points followed by Sailfish which amassed a total of 1504 points.

The National Championship served as the first opportunity in 2019 for swimmers to qualify for the upcoming CARIFTA and CCCAN Championships in April and July.

The competition saw the addition of long course events in the 1000 & 1650-yard freestyle and the 400 Individual Medley.

Spreading the competition over 2 weekends allowed for the inclusion of these longer course events, which serves to prepare the local swimmers for additional competitive opportunities.

The swimmers put out an excellent showing, with a number of emerging talents coming to the fore.

Over the 6-day period, 26 new records were established in various events by swimmers Jenebi Benoit, Tilly Collymore, Anaika Charles, Ariann Clouden, Delron Felix, Elliot Fletcher, Nathan Fletcher, Jaaziel Francis, Zackery Gresham, Kristin Gresham, Zac Holmes, Parshawn Haynes, Gabrielle Hyson, Kimberly Ince, Shelby Neckles, Zeia Ollivierre, Sydnee Steele, Kaiya Ramdhanny, Dajenel Williams, and Eli Zerpa.

The swimmers who emerged as age group champions are:-

Age group                         Male                              Female
8 & Under                     Jaaizel Francis               Maggie Watson
9-10                                Elliot Fletcher                Emma McIntosh
11-12                               Nathan Fletcher            Sara Dowden
13-14                              Zackery Gresham          Anaika Charles
15-17                              Eli Zerpa                         Kaiya Ramdhanny
18 & Over                     Delron Felix                   Aneeka Hopkin

At the conclusion of the National Championships 12 swimmers had qualified to participate at CARIFTA in Barbados in April – Sara Dowden, Anaika Charles, Gabrielle Hyson, Kimberly Ince, Ariann Clouden, Meeka Ollivierre, Mia Neckles, Parshawn Haynes, Zackary Gresham Jenebi Benoit, Eli Zerpa, and Nathan Fletcher.

Additional time trial events will be held during March to provide a further opportunity for swimmers to qualify for participation in both the Carifta and CCAN Champions to be held in Barbados this year.

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