Cheney Joseph speaks out

After weeks of being provisionally dismissed, Cheney Joseph has been reinstated as the President of the Grenada Football Association.

This according, to First Vice President Allan James was a directive given by FIFA, the governing body for football.

Joseph, upon resuming his position was set to chair the continuation of the GFA Executive meeting on February 18, 2019 however, the meeting was futile.

The reinstated GFA President is elated and ready to resume the work which was set in motion to help develop football in Grenada.

Joseph took the time to show gratitude and apologise to all stakeholders in football for what has transpired over the past few weeks under his stewardship.

“I must first thank the almighty God for his guidance, strength, wisdom and protection during the past few days. I must say that today is a wonderful day that we all must celebrate. For football will be the one that benefits at the end.

“I must express thanks to the many persons who have shown concern following the recent impasse and wish to thank especially the Executive committee members, many club Presidents and others within the sporting fraternity for their unwavering support and prayers.

“Those who insisted on bringing football into disrepute must be held accountable for their actions as deemed by our statutes. The seriousness of their actions cannot and should not be ignored.

However, now is not a time for revenge but instead healing, soul searching and discussions with all stakeholders to bring positive change to the association.

“We must never have a repeat of the recent past if Grenada’s football and its continued development are to be taken seriously. As President, the Executive’s top priority is to restore confidence in the FA, its vision and leadership. Not only Council but each affiliate must be engaged regarding outstanding issues, but football must also continue.

“We have a tremendous opportunity if all come together in the interest of moving the football agenda forward. We must not waste it. We must all play our part and not be over shadowed by over zealousness and the pursuit of power.

“At this time, I will like to give the football fraternity my assurance that I remain 100 percent committed to the development of football and working along with my Executive to fulfill the mandate which we have been entrusted with.

“To my accusers, though disappointed, I forgive you. We can no longer afford the divide among us to continue to hurt football. Let us drop the egos and resentment. Let us do what is necessary and right for football.

“Thank you all again for your overwhelming and continued support. Like the phoenix we too shall rise from the ashes and soar again. Football has always been and must continue to be the beautiful game we all love”.

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