Infusion Pump donated to Oncology Department at General Hospital

The Oncology Department at the St. George’s General Hospital was the recipient last week Monday of a piece of cancer treatment equipment from the Grenada Cancer Society.

Member of the Grenada Cancer Society, Naeisha John hands over the equipment to Oncology Nurse, Eunice Baptiste

Secretary of the Grenada Cancer Society, Reverend Dr. Osbert James said the presentation of the equipment which is expected to improve cancer will come in handy to patients, including himself, as he was recently diagnosed with Cancer.

“I am standing here today with a bit of irony; I have been working with cancer patients for some time now, first as a Chaplin at the Newark Presbyterian Hospital, working on General Oncology.

Then, when I came home to Grenada, I became a member of the Grenada Cancer Society some 15 years or so ago. So, I have been working with persons with cancer but I have never myself been a patient until recently I was diagnosed with Cancer. So, I think it’s quite ironic that we are presenting the pump at this time. So, I might be able to make use of it…”, he said.

“…Many times when people get a diagnosis of Cancer, they think well that’s the end but it’s not so and it’s very wonderful that we can have this treatment here. Somebody made a remark to me recently, he called me to find out how I was doing and I said I came back because I made a decision not to be treated in the United States, but to come home and he said to me, you must have a lot of confidence in Grenada. Well I do have a lot of confidence in Grenada and I prefer to be home at a time like this and I am happy that the Cancer Society is able to support me and others in this,” he added.

The equipment, which came at a price of US $3000, was welcomed by Oncology Nurse, Eunice Baptiste who thanked the Cancer Society for the donation since it would very vital for the functioning of the department.

Staff of Oncology Department in photo with recently donated Infusion Pump

“We are indeed very grateful for the role of the Grenada Cancer Society in making our dream come true – it’s an equipment greatly needed at a cost of US $3000. With this Infusion Pump, the patient is easily monitored and controls the liquid flow and the required rate allowing accuracy. It alerts to air bubbles and any other block and allow the safe and reliable infusion to the patient”, she told the brief ceremony.

“…We regret not having this a few months or years ago as some of our patients who are here with us today, who have recently completed treatment would have enjoyed the proficiency of this equipment and relating to it, the patients receiving long-term treatment,” she said.

Oncology Doctor at the General Hospital, Dr Barrymore McBarnette provided statistics to show that in 2018, the Oncology Clinic saw 885 patients – 93 were new patients, while 145 were on active treatments.

Dr. McBarnette said that Breast Cancer has been identified as the main form of Cancer among women and Prostate and Colon Cancer among men in Grenada.

He added that the clinic has noticed an increase in Lung Cancer cases in the country.

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