Cheney Joseph back as GFA President

After weeks of being provisionally dismissed, Cheney Joseph has been reinstated as the President of the Grenada Football Association (GFA).

According to 2nd Vice President of GFA, Allan James this came about from a directive given by FIFA, the governing body for world football.

During a Press Conference last Friday, James said that FIFA continues to recognise Cheney Joseph as the duly elected President of the GFA and instructed the local Executive to reinstate him to his position with immediate effect.

The letter further stated that failure to adhere to FIFA’s guidance will result in the matter being referred to the competent body at FIFA for appropriate action.

Joseph, who has been reinstated in the position as President of GFA was expected to chair the continuation of the GFA Executive meeting on Monday.

A faction within the GFA attempted to take action against Joseph following the decision of a Magistrate Court to find him guilty in an assault case brought against him by former national coach, Rado Griffith.

The presiding Magistrate did not order the court conviction to be placed on Joseph’s criminal record with the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

There are reports that the anti-Joseph faction within GFA are planning to launch their own separate investigation into the infraction between the GFA President and Griffith.

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