The St. George’s No. 1 Magistrate’s Court has discontinued a Rape charge brought against a 26-year-old St. David’s resident by his American wife of 19 months.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Anthony Alexander, a Seaman and Boat Mechanic from the village of Corinth St. David, who was remanded to the Richmond Hill Prison on his first court appearance on January 21, was freed of the charge last week Thursday by Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill.

Alexander’s wife, Lisa, who is noticeably elder than him, retained the services of attorney-at-law, Derick Sylvester to assist her in moving the court to discontinue the matter.

Due to the nature of the case, the media was not allowed to sit in on the hearing.

However, this newspaper understands that the wife stood under oath to inform the court of her decision not to proceed with the case against her husband.

The wife, who is originally from Palo Alto in northern California, also told the court that she intends to severe all ties with her husband and move on with her life.

According to an informed source, the American citizen also told the court that her husband “did not rape” her,” but assaulted her but that the Police officers who dealt with her complaint misunderstood the matter.

The alleged assault incident took place between January 18-19. It is not the first time that the wife has reportedly taken her husband to court on claims of assault.

A source familiar with the husband and wife said that there “are some underlining problems between the both of them that the justice system cannot solve”.

When news about the uncommon incident began circulating throughout the island, it created a sensation and widespread debate among many, some who even questioned the charge laid by the police while others supported it.

Attorney at Law Jerry Edwin, who provided legal counsel for Alexander, expressed disappointment with some of the remarks made.

He said: “In Grenada being a Christian nation we had a hot debate about what are a husband’s rights over his wife and some of the responses I heard were quite disappointing. I thought we were more advanced than that in terms of a woman’s right to say no whether she is married or not because our Criminal Code does allow for a wife to bring a charge against her husband in cases where

he forces himself on her. I am thankful (that) this is not the case here and the charges were dismissed”.

Under the criminal code, a husband convicted of raping his wife faces a maximum penalty of 14 years imprisonment while a regular rape conviction carries a maximum penalty of 30 years prison sentence.

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