The GFA/Cheney Joseph saga

Legal moves are afoot to have suspended President of the Grenada Football Association (GFA), Cheney Joseph re-instated to his position.

Joseph has hired the law firm of Ciboney Chambers to challenge a decision of the GFA Executive Council to suspend him pending the outcome of a probe into the outcome of a recent court decision against him with a former national footballer and coach.

Attorney-at-law, Ruggles Ferguson sent a letter to GFA, dated Sunday, January 28, on behalf of the embattled Joseph, requesting the Executive body to rescind forthwith its decision to provisionally dismiss the President and to cease and desist from actions premised on that decision.

Ferguson threatened to take court action if communication was not received from GFA by the “deadline of 12 noon last week Thursday.”

When contacted Tuesday, Attorney Ferguson told THE NEW TODAY that court action might not be necessary based on recent developments in the Joseph/GFA saga.

“There are some developments that have taken place today in relation to the matter…we have prepared documents for filing of a judicial review application as of half past three (3) yesterday (Monday) requesting (for) the court to squash the decision and we were advised to hold on it because it may not be necessary based on the information received from the client“, he said.

“We were going for judicial review proceedings asking the court to declare that the original decision against the President was unlawful and to make an order squashing the decision (however), we were advised to hold on it”, he added.

According to the attorney, he was awaiting instructions from Joseph and the law firm is “prepared to file the documents if necessary.”

“I made inquiries earlier and received a response that it (the favourable response) didn’t happen today (Tuesday) but would happen tomorrow based on certain developments…but what I can say, the development expected would make the application to the court unnecessary”, he remarked.

The Ferguson letter sent to GFA on behalf of Joseph, requested the football body to make available among other things, the minutes of the meeting dated January 26th, when the decision was taken against Joseph, reasons for the decision, all documents to support the decision, all documents pertaining to court matter, among others.

“Essentially, what we contend is that there was no proper basis for that provisional dismissal, which is contrary to the GFA statutes,” Attorney Ferguson told THE NEW TODAY.

Speculation is rife that the anti-Joseph faction within GFA used a ruling that went against him in a Magistrate Court to conclude that he had been found guilty of an unlawful crime and as such disqualified from holding the GFA Presidency.

Joseph circulated on Social Media the copy of a police report dated January 2019 showing that he had no criminal record with the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

Approximately eight (8) months after retaining the Presidency of GFA, Joseph was “provisionally dismissed” during a meeting of the Executive Council on January 26, pending the outcome of an investigation into a recently concluded court matter brought against him by the Commissioner of Police in 2013.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the GFA Executive Committee held an emergency meeting last week Thursday after receiving the letter from Ciboney Chambers.

All attempts by this newspaper to contact the GFA General Secretary, Ken Whiteman for a comment on the issue up until press time on Wednesday, proved futile.

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