Samuel Andrew explains NNP resignation

Several days ago, I informed the Chairman of the New National Party of my decision to resign from the Party. Since actions of this kind are always the subject of rumours, gossip and speculation in our movement, it is only politically responsible of me to make the reasons for this action known to the people of Grenada – and particularly to my colleagues in the political arena.

Firstly, let me say that I retain the greatest respect for the public and political sectors of Grenada.

While this was not an easy decision, it was necessary because of my moral and ethical beliefs. For my part, I intend to remain very active in my community and help in every way that I can as a conscientious member of the community.

My reason for resigning from the New National Party is fundamental disagreement with the party. I feel like the party has built a political organisation around itself and not around the people of this nation. In my humble opinion, this approach or modus operandi is unsound, both politically and practically.

The context for this disagreement is bound up with differing views on the actual state of the party-building movement and on the principal tasks before that movement at this time. Involved in this, too, are significant differences over a general party-building strategy for our movement.

I have carefully weighed this decision to part ways with the New National Party. It seems to me that out of respect for the Leader of the New National Party and staff members, my own political integrity and my concerns for the people of Grenada as a whole, it is the only principled decision that can be made in the circumstances.

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