Fatal Accident on the weekend

Newly appointed Grenada Ambassador to Caricom, attorney-at-law, Arley Gill is at the centre of a road fatality which left a popular Victoria, St. Mark man, Anderson “Nanny” Scott dead.

The capsized vehicle that Anderson Scott was driving

Scott died at the St. George’s General Hospital last week Thursday following an accident on January 23 which left him hospitalised.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the deceased was driving an old school Land Rover when another vehicle travelling in the same direction allegedly tried to overtake and in the process of them trying to avoid hitting each other, Scott lost control of the vehicle and hit a bank.

Sources told this newspaper that this resulted in the Land Rover tipping over.

The driver of the second vehicle in question was said to be Attorney-at-Law Arley Gill, the newly appointed envoy to Caricom.

THE NEW TODAY attempted to contact Gill on Tuesday to get a comment from him on the matter but he did not answer his cellphone.

The damaged car after running off the road

A question was sent to him via whatsapp but apparently he put a block on it.

The controversial attorney, who was among several persons expelled from the Congress party in September 2012 amidst a bitter power struggle in the party, has vowed to have nothing to do with THE NEW TODAY newspaper.

According to a well-placed source, Gill was coming from appearing in a court case in Sauteurs, St. Patrick, when the accident took place.

He said that during the accident Gill ran his vehicle into a wall, while “Nanny” ended up on a side bank before the Rover capsized.

It is reported that after recognising that Scott was in some distress, Gill and other villagers rushed to his aid.

Scott was rushed to the General hospital but died eight days later.

Timothy Reid – the latest road fatality

The island suffered another road fatality on Sunday morning on the North Western side of the country that left 44-year old Timothy Reid of Molinere, St. George dead and another person, nursing injuries at the St. George’s General Hospital.

Reid died after the vehicle in which he was driving, PD 223 ran off the road and resulted in his death and the passenger of the vehicle, Hans Antoine, seriously injured.

It is reported that Reid was driving along the Molinere main road when he lost control of the vehicle which ran off the road and down into a ditch.

Police have also charged one man, 23-year old Kamelo Marecheau of Mt. Moritz, St. George for wounding in relation to an incident which took place on the Kirani James Boulevard last Tuesday which resulted in one person being stabbed.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Marecheau inflicted a few stab wounds to 42-year-old Edward Lee of Woodlands, St. George after his girlfriend reported that Lee owed her money.

The girlfriend, who was an employee of Lee, decided to quit after she found that he was being disrespectful toward her.

Arley Gill – the driver of the other vehicle

She requested payment for the time on the job but felt that the payment offered was not enough and called her boyfriend to address the situation.

Lee was allegedly stabbed a few times and was taken to the General Hospital for treatment.

This newspaper was not able to ascertain which part of his body the wounds were inflicted.

Lee has since been discharged from hospital.

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