National Health Insurance Logo revealed

The National Health Insurance Secretariat (NHIS) now has its own logo as the state-financed body moves ahead with plans to implement a National Health Insurance for citizens.

The winning piece from Prestyn High

The official unveiling of the logo was done at the conference room of the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) last Friday, in the presence of the winning artiste, 21-year-old Trellson Charles as a result of competition among schools and the general public.

According to Communications Officer of NHIS, Abigail McIntyre, the winning logo fully represents the NHI slogan, “Securing your health: Today, Tomorrow, Forever.”

“The healthy tree with all of its lush green leaves is a symbol of a fresh start on life, positive energy, good health and a bright future”, said McIntyre in describing the logo.

She said, “it is also a symbol of immortality as even though tree grows old and may die, it passes on its essence through all of its seeds and lives on”.

Another noticeable feature of the logo is that, “the tree is held in and protected by its heart with the letters NHI inscribed on it, which is the colour of the ocean, which has surrounded us all, from the beginning and will continue to do so for all of time.”

McIntyre spoke of the journey towards coming up with the NHI Logo as it proved to be rather difficult given the current industrial climate in the country especially among teachers and government on the pension and gratuity issue.

The official NHI Logo

“The campaign to achieving a logo competition for the National Health Insurance was a very long one. Actually, it began in December 2017 when the staff of the National Insurance Scheme was invited to submit designs for the NHI Logo. The feedback was good and a member of staff, Trellon Charles was recognised and awarded for his clever design”, she said.

“…It was decided to involve participation from students and the general public – this was officially launched in October 2018. Maximum participation from schools was affected because of heightened industrial climate in the school system…this was a major challenge but we overcame. Submissions received from both primary and secondary school was good,” she added.

Project Head of NHI Secretariat, Claudette James who also spoke said that the agency is now well on its way to being fully implemented as the University of West Indies (UWI) has submitted to government the basket of services to be offered as part of the health insurance package.

The Health Economic Unit of UWI was contracted by government in 2017 as the lead consultant to execute the technical work on the project.

Winners of the Logo Competition, Trellson Charles and Prestyn High together with NHI officials, Claudette James and Dorset Cromwell

According to James, UWI personnel from the Trinidad Campus at St. Augustine were on the ground for approximately eight months conducting their research and gathering data but continue “to work on the project and closely with the staff of NHIS.

“…Today, UWI has completed and submitted to the government the benefit package, the group of health services that will be included in the NHI package. We now await approval from government on the acceptance of this proposal,” she said.

James disclosed that one of the things already decided upon by government is that NHI will become a department within NIS.

During the launch, the winner of the primary and secondary school component of the competition was recognized, seven-year-old Prestyn High of La Borie Mennonite School.

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