Ministry of Health monitors Dengue

With the upsurge of Dengue cases in certain islands around the region, the Ministry of Health is encouraging persons to get rid of or avoid creating any possible breathing sites for mosquitoes.
Speaking on a popular social media programme, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) in the Ministry of Health, Dr George Mitchell said that Grenadians have a responsibility to do things on their own way to help to address possible mosquito breeding sites.

“What we want to emphasize is that we do have a responsibility at the Ministry of Health but individuals, our population, we are calling on them to do what they can to ensure that the breeding sites for mosquitoes do not exist or minimise to controlling the mosquito population”, he said.

“…If the mosquito doesn’t find sites to breed in then they cannot multiply, that is the key message going out there. So that is…all receptacles that can hold water, particularly clean water around the house. That is key because the Aiedes Aegypti Mosquito is what we call the type of mosquitoes that love around dwellings and around population – they love to live in that kind of environment, so creating that kind of environment for them is actually creating the problem”, he added.

According to Dr. Mitchell, even though Dengue is endemic to Grenada, with the number of strains attached to the disease, it is likely that it will drastically affect the country.

“You know there are four strains of Dengue – Denque one, two, three and four and from time to time you have variations and what happens, if one of the strains that are circulating in another country enters here, we have a naïve population and so the impact is much more.

“This is similar to what happen in the case of Zika and ChikV – that although they are both mosquito borne diseases, it was new to the population and so it spread like wild fire. In the cases of Dengue, we have circulating Dengue in Grenada, Dengue is endemic here, but whenever new strains of combination of strains are reintroduced, then the population finds it naïve and it spreads a bit.

Dr. Mitchell disclosed that the Ministry of Health is now instituting preventative measures like “fogging and the setting up of lava sites in areas where we know based on our surveillance that we have high cases of mosquitoes”.

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