Donation to Medical Station and Primary and Pre-Primary Schools in Happy Hill

An organisation in the key Happy Hill village of the St. George North-west constituency of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has made donations to school children and the local Medical station.

President of the family Day Celebrations Committee, Eunice Sandy-David hands over items to Principal Kevin Francis of Uganda Martyrs Catholic School.

The donation was made by President of the Happy Hill Family Day Celebrations Committee, Eunice Sandy-David, a former Permanent Secretary and currently attached to the Integrity Commission.

Students of the Uganda Martyrs Catholic School and the Happy Hill Pre-Primary School were the recipients of toys and books, while the Happy Hill Medical Station received syringes and bandages at a ceremony held at the Uganda Martyrs Catholic School.

In speaking at the ceremony, Sandy-David said the Celebrations Committee told the students that it decided to make the donation “to help make your time in school just a little bit more enjoyable”.

“…We want to present you with some toys and these are toys to share, not to grab and take home. It’s to share while you’re in school and we’re presenting toys to both your school and also the pre-primary school…”, she told the students.

“…In addition, we want to present a few reading books which are very important. When you go to the library, what do you do, you borrow something and then you bring it back”, she added.
Sandy-David disclosed that the gift items were provided by committee members who live abroad and the glasses came from an organization known as Lyons International.

“We also have some syringes, bandages, etc to donate to the medical station. I trust that you would enjoy the small donation. I know the boys will probably enjoy the racing track etc and we wish you all the very. very best,” she said.

Accepting on behalf of the Uganda Martyrs Catholic School was its principal, Kevin Francis while Principal Abigail Cadore did the same for the local Pre-Primary School.

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