Gregory Bowen taken to court!!!

Cable & Wireless Grenada Ltd. (‘Cable & Wireless’), doing business as Flow Grenada, has obtained leave from the High Court to sue the Minister of Telecommunications, Hon. Gregory Bowen, and the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (‘NTRC’), over alleged improprieties in the issuance of Spectrum Licenses to telecommunications providers in Grenada.

The Court granted leave for Cable & Wireless to pursue a claim against the Hon. Minister and the NTRC for the Court to adjudicate on whether certain procedures and decisions of the Hon. Minister and the NTRC, may have been illegal, improper and unreasonable.

Cable & Wireless has since 2008, applied to the NTRC and the Hon. Minister repeatedly for an LTE Spectrum License, to no avail.

Cable & Wireless therefore considers the failure of the Minister to grant an LTE spectrum license to Cable & Wireless as discriminatory.

The actions of the Hon. Minister and the NTRC place Cable & Wireless at a compounded market disadvantage, in not being able to provide LTE services. This will have long-lasting negative commercial consequences on the Company and may negatively impact the way its brand and products are perceived in the market by customers.

Having been granted leave, Cable & Wireless is entitled within 14 days, to pursue an action in the High Court, asking the Court to review the disputed procedures and decisions of the Hon. Minister and the NTRC.

Cable & Wireless Grenada remains committed to delivering connected entertainment solutions that enable customers to socially connect and ultimately foster relationships in the communities we serve.

The Company currently operates a world-class, island-wide 4G mobile network across Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

(The above was submitted by Cable & Wireless)

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