A 37-year-old Grand Anse man has been sentenced to 18 months imprisonment for the offence of Fraud by False Pretense.

Junior Telesford – admitted to defrauding two (2) women of $25, 000 in November 2018

Magistrate Tahira Gellineau handed down the sentence at the St. George’s No. 2 Magistrate’s Court last week Thursday on Junior Telesford, who found himself in trouble with the law after defrauding two (2) Grand Anse women of a combined sum of EC$25, 000.00.

Telesford pleaded guilty at an earlier date to defrauding EC$17, 000.00 from one of the women and during last week Thursday’s hearing, entered another guilty plea in admission to defrauding the other female victim of EC$8, 000.00.

According to Police Prosecutor, Constable Bing Joseph, the accused, who has a record of three (3) prior convictions for the same offence, dating back to May 24, 2018, is currently serving a default 18-month prison term for his failure to pay compensation in a combined sum of $5, 200.00, on all three matters within a four (4) month period as previously ordered by the court.

In handing down the prison sentence, Magistrate Gellineau ruled that the 18-month sentence being imposed should run consecutive to the 18-month sentence that he is currently serving at the prison.

The new sentence will take effect in February 2020, when Telesford is expected to be released from jail.

PC Bing told the court that Telesford, who is a former forklift operator at the St. George’s Port at Burns Point, claimed to be involved in the vehicle importation business and was paid a combined sum of EC$25, 000.00 by the women upon his request, over a period of time, after agreeing to import a Subaru Legacy car and a Noah van for them, respectively.

The evidence presented to the court is that Telesford did issue receipts for payments made to him except one payment of $2, 000.00, which he said he could not provide a receipt for because it was to pay off the “person who gives him the deal on the port.”

He used the name Kevin Horsford to write on the receipts for all monies handed to him.

THE NEW TODAY understands that one of the victims became suspicious about the use of the different name but he assured her that this was the name used to conduct the vehicle importation business.

Under the agreement between the defendant and the victims, at least one of the vehicles was expected to arrive on the island on November 17, 2018 but he told the expecting woman that the vehicle will be eight (8) days late and was instead scheduled to arrive on November 25, 2018.

The virtual complainant became suspicious and decided to inquire with the relevant authorities, if they were expecting a vehicle fitting the description of the one she was expecting on November 25 and was told that there is no vehicle shipment coming in on that day.

The young lady then communicated her concerns to Telesford who told her do not worry as it was being done through a link he has.

The other complainant also expected her Noah vehicle to arrive on November 26, 2018.

Both women went to meet Telesford on the port but instead of handing over the keys to the Noah, Telesford told her that he was having some problems with the paper work and the vehicle had to be inspected and instructed her to return to the port on the following day to finally collect it.

The frustrated woman took the decision to get the police involved and Telesford was taken in and after questioning was arrested and charged for the summary offence of Fraud by False Pretense, which carries a maximum penalty of five (5) years imprisonment or a fine not exceeding EC$15, 000.

The police also confiscated a sum of EC$2, 265.05 from him upon his arrest.

The fraudster told the court that he used the stolen monies to offset some debts he had and to help take care of his younger siblings following the sudden death of their mother.

“I am very sorry,” were his words of remorse to the court.

However, the lone female victim who attended the hearing did not accept the apology offered.

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