Ken Whiteman finally surfaces!!!

Mr. George Worme
Editor of the Grenada Today Newspaper

Dear Sir,

Re: Publication in Grenada Today on GFA Financial Issues

As General Secretary of the GFA I feel very compelled to respond to the article published in the paper under the caption “GFA President Tight Lipped on Financial Issues.”

Ken-Martin Whiteman – General Secretary GFA

Although the article seems to target President Joseph, l take the responsibility to respond to same given that the image of the GFA, the Secretariat and by extension the FINANCE Officer and the General Secretary are all implicated by the content of the article.

Firstly, let me unequivocally state that the main content of the article can’t be further from the truth. The allegation that the GFA is unable to account for FIFA’s USD 250,000 is absolutely false and malicious.

Here are the facts: The GFA financial year runs from January 1st to December 31st . The 2018 accounts are not yet audited so by inference I assume that reference is made to 2017 accounts. The 2017 accounts were audited both by PKF and by FIFA (Mandatory Central Review, all Member Associations). PKF expressed that it was the very first time that they received from the GFA such comprehensive and thorough preparation and documentation for the annual financial audit.

The GFA and FIFA have additionally agreed on recommendations made and based on the acceptance of both audits by FIFA, GFA received the second disbursement of fifty 50% of the operational funds, USD125,000 in July 2018.

The statutory audit was approved by Council in May of 2018, circulated as part of the Annual Report and published on our website and in Grenada Informer newspaper on June 26th 2018. The FIFA Central Review was submitted both to our FINANCE Committee and Audit committee to ensure full implementation of recommendations.

Additionally, the FIFA team have indicated areas in which the GFA financials and policies are ahead of that of several regional MA’s, some have not yet received the second disbursement due to problems with their accounts. There are currently no issues related to GFA’s accounting for FIFA funding. All funds received as part of USD 250,000 (Operational Funding) are fully accounted for.

The above does not mean that there are not financial challenges in the FA. A lot of our service providers would admit that since the hosting of the Pure Grenada Cup payments have dissipated somewhat including some sacrifice on behalf of staff, a situation that was rectified at the end of October 2018.

With regard to the 2018 accounts monthly financial reports have been prepared and presented to the Executive and FINANCE Committees up to the end of November 2018. The 2018 accounts will soon be audited by both PKF and FIFA, the report will be circulated to Council and Affiliates, included in the annual report, published on our site and in two local newspapers including Grenada Today.

Mr. Worme, GFA Secretariat expects this article to be published in the next publication of the Grenada Today with an apology to the FA.
Please be guided accordingly.


Ken-Martin Whiteman
General Secretary

Editor’s Note: We wish to correct Mr. Whiteman’s error in referring to THE NEW TODAY as Grenada Today. It should also be noted that several attempts were made over the months to reach Mr. Whiteman for comment on the issues raised in the article and he did not even had the decency or courtesy to return one single phone call in light of the messages left with his Communications Officer.

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