Suspended Police Officer on Sexual Related Charge

In May 2018, police officer Denson Charles was placed on $30,000 bail after being charged with “Death by Dangerous Driving”.

Denson Charles – is currently on bail for causing death by dangerous driving

Charles was taken into custody following an accident on the road that led to the death of Insurance Executive Trevor Renwick in April 2018 along the Grand Anse Valley main road.

Less than eight months, the police officer is again in trouble with the law on a sex-related charge.

The 34-year-old Constable has been slapped with a charge of “Cultivating an Online Relationship with a minor for a Sexual Explicit Act”.

THE NEW TODAY was informed that the charge was slapped on Charles following a complaint from the parents of the child to the police about the act back to October 2018.

The parents reportedly made available to the lawmen copies of several WhatsApp messages concerning communication between Charles and the child, who is believed to be 14 years of age.

Charles, who is married with one child, has been suspended since May 2018 with half pay from his job at the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

Charles is the third individual to be charged under Section 12 of the Electronic Crimes Act which states that: A person shall not knowingly and without lawful justification or excuse cultivate, entice or induce children to an online relationship with another child or an adult for a sexually explicit act or in a manner that may offend a reasonable adult on the electronic system.

In November 2019, Sheldon Alexander, a 26 year old construction worker of Samaritan, St. Mark was arrested and charged with child pornography, after allegedly sending nude photos to an underaged male via a social media platform.

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