New French Chef at Secret Harbour

The owners of the Secret Harbour Boutique Hotel Restaurant & Marina, have hired a famed French Master Chef in an effort to refine its presentation and the dining experience offered at the restaurant.

New chef at Secret Harbour, French Master Chef Bruno Deligne

Chef Bruno Deligne arrived on the island approximately one (1) month ago to take up his duties as Head Chef at the Lance Aux Epines-based restaurant on the southern end of the island.

Approximately three (3) weeks after his arrival, members of the media got an opportunity to meet Chef Bruno first-hand and savor his cooking.

Following a carefully prepared full three-course meal of shrimp, salmon and chocolate desert, inclusive of red and white wine, water and sparkling water, the newly appointed Manager of the Secret Harbour Restaurant, Cindy Marama, explained what guests can expect from the new chef.

“What you can expect from our new chef compared to what the previous chef did, is to keep (using) the local products, which was already the idea and then work around the French touch even more than we did before. What we are adding is the French touch with a little more refined presentation and taste,” she said.

“The idea for Bruno’s cooking is to make his menu as we go along. So, because we work a lot with local fishermen, some days you don’t know which fish we are going to get. So, it’s about Bruno being able to adapt and work his creativity around his dishes to offer a diversity of meals to our guests at the restaurant,” Marama explained.

Chocolate Cake desser

“…It’s sort of a new discovery,” she said, noting that this discovery “has to be generous and also all about the taste…we are going to be working a different menu every season, so it will depend on what we can get, colours, flavours and taste wise.

“So I think we are going to work on developing different tastes that maybe you can discover that you haven’t discovered yet… she added.

Chef Deligne, who does not speak English fluently, told THE NEW TODAY that he has had an enjoyable experience exploring the offerings at the fruit and vegetable and fish markets in St. George’s.

“I see (that) the (fruits and vegetable) market in St. George’s is very, very, nice,” he said, adding that “it (the fruits and vegetable market) has plenty colourful fruits, vegetables and spices.

Salmon and yams

“I also visited the fish market, it’s very nice,” he remarked.

According to information released by Secret Harbour, Chef Deligne grew up in the kitchen, with his father, who was a chef for 33 years in ‘Taillevent’ one of the most famous three (3) starred Michelin restaurants in Paris.

“He has been experiencing most of the renowned starred tables in France, Troisgros, Pic, Chantecler at Negresco hotel, the Ritz, Fauchon, keeping his humility…As the years went by he honed his special style to create a cuisine that fits his personality: classic, simple and generous,” the release said.


Deligne, who is an active member of the French Culinary Academy and also Euro-Toques (European Academy), was described as “a real guardian of culinary heritage (who) values the know-how, the pleasure of working well, the respect and the requirement surpassing oneself.”

With his French and Caribbean experience in St. Lucia, Turks &Caicos, Chef Deligne promises an unforgettable dining experience at the Secret Harbour Restaurant.

The restaurant is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and until 10:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, and also with ‘Brunch’ served every Sunday.

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