GFA President tight-lipped on financial issues

The Grenada Football Association (GFA), the governing body of football in Grenada, may have found its feet in financial hot water with the international governing body of association football (FIFA), over monies gone unaccounted for.

Cheney Joseph – very tight-lipped on the financial issue

Information reaching THE NEW TODAY is that the Queens Park-based GFA, has in recent times been unable to give account for how its annual grant of US$250, 000, received through FIFA’s Financial Assistance Programme, has been utilised.

In an effort to shed some light on the issue, THE NEW TODAY contacted GFA President Cheney Joseph, who flatly denied that the association was having difficulties giving financial account to the international football body.

“I don’t know about that (this is the) first time I am hearing about it. You are the only person I am hearing from on that,” Joseph declared in a recent telephone interview with this newspaper.

When THE NEW TODAY asked him to clear the air on the issue, Joseph, who is also the Chairman of the GFA Board of Directors, instead requested that the source from where the information came be disclosed.

“Who is your source? He asked in a rather angry manner.

“You can’t give me your source and you are asking me to confirm something that I can’t even speak to,” he said after his request was denied.

“I hope whatever you choose to put out there you get (the) facts because I am telling you this is what according to Donald Trump is called fake news because first time I (am) hearing that in life,” the GFA President added.

Information has also reached this newspaper that the local football association may have spent over its budget as some workers went up to about two (2) months without receiving a salary during the mid to last quarter of 2018.

In response to questions posed on the issue of late payment of salaries to GFA staff, the GFA Chairman redirected THE NEW TODAY to the GFA General Secretary, who he said deals with administrative duties.

“Between you and I, you need to know the GFA statues. On things to do with payment of staff, you need to go (speak) to the General Secretary.

“So whoever is asking you to call me, I think you are calling the wrong person,” Joseph said, further attempting to explain his role as the GFA President, which “is (to be) the head of the board (GFA Board of Directors).

“And this “board deals with policies…Anything administrative, you have to talk to the General Secretary. So I don’t know who gave you the advice to call me (but) I think I am the wrong person you are speaking to,” he added.

Several attempts by this newspaper to contact the GFA General Secretary on these issues in recent weeks and months have proven futile.

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