Christmas donations to Richmond Home

Residents at the Richmond Home for the Aged spent a much happier Christmas due to the donation of some much-needed supplies by two charitable citizens.

Roy Coutain hands over packet of Soap to Sister Lessey

The goodies were provided a few days before Christmas Day by Gillean Paul of GP Promotions and Roy Coutain, a regular donor to the institution.

In speaking at the handing over ceremony, Paul said she is driven to give the things out of a desire to share her blessings.

“…When God blessing you with something, you have to always give back something, so it would be very selfish for me to be getting something whole year and not sharing it”, she said.

“It will be bigger for next year, hopefully, because when people see what I have done…i feel next year will be much more successful for me in donating hampers to this home, Gouyave and Victoria and even maybe one more too, who knows.

The donor also went on: “I will continue to call to find out what this home needs because I know it’s not a paying institution – this is run by the government and anything you can give it will be very helpful”.

GP Promotions and Senior Nursing Officer at the Home, Paula Lessey during the
handing over

GP Promotions started its donation drive in 2017 by giving hampers to needy persons in Grand Roy, St John, Mt. Plasir, St. John and surrounding areas.

This year, the group 8 added three homes to the list – HillsView Home in Gouyave, St. John, Charles Memorial Home in Victoria, St. Mark and the Richmond Home for the Aged.

In accepting on behalf of the Home, Senior Nursing Officer, Paula Lessey thanked GP Promotions for the timely contribution to the residents of the home.

Lessey said: “On behalf of the residents and staff, we wish to thank you GP Promotions for your kind contribution and for choosing us and pledging to be one of our donors. We really appreciate it and we hope that we see you next year.”

Coutain who has been making donations to the Richmond Home for the last nine years has pledged to continue doing so.

Some of the items donated to the Home

“This home here, in my younger days, we used to call here the Poor House and here is run by the Government of Grenada. It’s not like the home where people pay for their family to stay; not everything the government could do financially and I decided that I am going to do this here for this home. I adopt this place here as my home…I always call Sister Lessey and say how are my people doing….”, he said.

“… (I have donated) 17 boxes of adult pampers, 40 bars of bathing soap, 49 tubs of petroleum jelly, 15 bottles of Avon Anti Perspiration, 2 gallons of disinfectant, I gallon of dishwashing liquid, 18 gallons of bleach, I bucket of Arm and Hammer Laundry Detergent, 2 bales of toilet paper,” he added.

In accepting this particular donation, Sister Lessey said: “Thanks Mr. Coutain for all that you have done for us. As he said, during the year, on all different occasions…he always calls to find out what we need and always supply. So we thank him very much and we hope that he continues as he said he would”.

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