Christmas Message of the President of the Grenada Football Association

As we celebrate yet another Christmas season, let me extend special greetings to our staff at the Grenada Football Association (GFA), the coaches and players, sponsors, media, fans, volunteers, Security and transportation personnel, hoteliers and their staff, our creditors and all other partners in football.

GFA President Chenney Joseph

On behalf of the Executive committee, we extend best wishes to each and everyone at this time of giving and sharing. Christmas represents a time of reflection, family gathering, expressions of love and togetherness.

We in the GFA wish to convey our appreciation for the support received and those committed in the future.

At this time of the year, we experience the best of personalities, the soul of kindhearted individuals and the merriment of communities.

These expressions must extend beyond the season and should also accommodate forgiveness to those who trespass against us.

As we give to one another in the spirit of Christmas, let us give of ourselves the strength of kindness, forgiveness and mercy. One of the greatest lessons of life is the gift of giving itself, and the more we give of ourselves the more of ourselves we have to give. And so even as we celebrate this time, we must all be bold enough to offer mercy to those who despise us or covet our success especially when our voices are not loud enough to defend the truth.

Christ died for us that we may live and though some will go the extra mile to hurt us, this time of year is the best to say Father forgive them for all of their doings and put peace in my heart that I can continue to show love.

As we reflect on the past months and contemplate the future, let us lighten our hearts with laughter, joy and goodwill. Let us positively impact on humanity by showering positive energies and thoughts so the world may one day be rid of evilness, spite and deceit.

Notwithstanding the challenges of financial and emotional obstacles, we wish for this Christmas season to be particularly special for our clubs, match officials, administrators, standing committee members and those whose desire is to see the association improve in all aspect of its pursuits in the New Year.

To those unsound heroes and government staff in the various ministries, airline and travel agents, airport and seaport employees who during the year went beyond the call of duty to assist, we are eternally thankful and grateful for your generosity.

Having had a lukewarm performance on the field in 2018, we are hopeful that as we strategically plan for the next century to experience better fortunes on the field of play.

We wish to also express a special thank you to our Cabinet ministers of the government of Grenada led by our Prime Minister, Dr. The Right Honourable, Keith Mitchell and the line minister for Sports, Senator Norland Cox for his excellent relations and support to football.

From all of us at the Grenada Football Association, we say thank you and a Merry Christmas to all of the football family, their family and friends and all of mankind as we look forward to celebrating our 95th anniversary as an association in 2019 and then our milestone of 100 years.

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