Kirk Seetahal is back with Digicel

Under fire from the public for the 2017 Panorama fiasco, the recently resigned Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Spicemas Corporation (SMC), Kirk Seetahal is now back with his previous employer, Telecommunications giant, Digicel.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Seetahal has taken up a position as Marketing Consultant with the Irish-based company.

Seetahal left his job as Marketing Manager at Digicel in 2015 to assume the post of CEO of SMC but quit in August in the face of much criticisms from the public over the Panorama issue.

Fingers were pointed at him for the failure of SMC to have a stage in place for the nation’s panmen to perform during last year’s panorama which led to a cancellation of the competition.

Seetahal shrugged of the criticisms, saying that he often took decisions from a Board of Directors.

The then SMC boss was at the centre of more controversy when reigning calypso monarch “Finley “Scholar” Jeffrey used the Panorama debacle in 2017 to poke fun at him in one of his winning songs in the calypso competition.

Seetahal responded by threatening to take legal action and announced that he was seeking legal advice on the controversy.

Seetahal is believed to have gotten the backing of influential persons within the ruling New National Party (NNP) government to remain on the job for another year and not resign immediately after the Panorama controversy.

However, he resigned from the position with SMC two weeks after the hosting of SpiceMas 2018 and the position still remains vacant.

A government-ordered inquiry into the 2017 Panorama issue has seemingly been abandoned by the Keith Mitchell-led government despite assurances from Culture Minister, Nolan Cox that he intends to complete the process.

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