Andre Lewis responds to Sen. Garraway

As leader of the Unions and Staff Associations (U&SA) I must express deep concern regarding comments made by Senator Winston Garraway during the Budget debate for 2019 on Wednesday, December 5, 2018.

In addressing the issue of the ongoing industrial matter regarding the struggle for “Gratuity” for Public Officers, Senator Garraway said Teachers have “declared war” on the students following the directive from the Grenada Union of Teachers that they should embark on a “Work-to-rule” engagement.

I have had cause to reflect on Senator Garraway’s utterances and more so since several people have indeed checked me on his utterances made.

The concern is that such an utterance as accusing the Grenada Union of Teachers as having “declared war”on students especially in a charged atmosphere can have the potential to incite violence or the thought of violence against the President of the Union, Comrade Lydon Lewis and other members of the GUT’s Executive. This is highly irresponsible to say the least.

I take this opportunity to let the public know that the Work-to-rule actions by the GUT is all part of the sanctioned actions by the Unions involved in the struggle for Gratuity for Public Officers.

The Work-to-rule simply means that the Teachers are only performing tasks contained in their contract of employment and for which they are paid.

The call is made for all concerned to be responsible and to avoid comments and or actions that may have the potential to cause the Union leaders to be targeted.

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