Monetary support from Huggins

A total of $9,000.00 has been donated by George F. Huggins towards three separate initiatives that are directly aimed at positively impacting the life of individuals.

The La Boucan Creative Centre and its dedication towards developing the Creative Arts in Grenada is the recipient of $3,500, Legal Aid and Counselling Clinic and its initiative towards providing legal assistance to those who cannot afford is the recipient of $3,000 and the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) Band and its Christmas with Brass show is the recipient of $2,500.

CEO of Huggins Anya Chow Chung and recipients in photo op

The official handing over ceremony for the funds was done last Friday at the George F. Huggins Conference Room at the GCNA Complex on Kirani James Boulevard, St. George.

In delivering remarks on behalf of the company, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Anya Menezes-Chow Chung commended the organisations for the work that they do, noting that the contribution is part of Huggins’ commitment towards supporting their initiatives.

“For an attorney to give off their time and their life in what I consider voluntary service…it really brought home to me…exactly what you do there and how many lives and how many people you touch in what you do and you not only representing people from a legal point of view, you have to be a counsellor as well. So I know of some of the work you do there, even my own employees here at Huggins, benefit from what the Legal Aid and Counselling Clinic does…”, Menezes-Chow Chung said in reference to the Legal Aid & Counselling Clinic.

“…We’ve had the pleasure of more than one occasion working along with the Royal Grenada Police Force and in particular the Royal Grenada Police Force Band. We’ve enjoyed in our last presentation, listening to your band practice and I am happy to let you know that I received my ticket to your upcoming Christmas concert and on behalf of Huggins thank you for the joy that you bring to Grenadians through the very talented police force band”, she said.

Menezes-Chow Chung also praised the efforts of the local theatre group.

She said: “Mr. Peters and Mrs. Peters, they are really an institution, when it comes to the creative arts in Grenada. I remember it was a few months ago when I popped upstairs and I had an opportunity to sit and chat with them and find out from them exactly what the La Boucan Project was about and what they had intended to do and I felt motivated to live life.

“I would have loved when I was in secondary school to have had an opportunity like that. Creative Arts is very dear to my heart and to many of us here at Huggins”, she added.
Playwright and Owner Francis Urias Peters said funds received will go towards the Caribbean Vocational Training (CVQ) at the centre.

“As we speak we are offering introduction to Theatre Arts and Community Cultural Performance to a group of students. In fact, once you receive your certification, that’s the CVQ, you can work in any of the Caribbean countries and also the certification is recognised in certain parts of the United States of America, Canada and England.

“We have a mandate to ensure that we pass on, that we teach, that we empower our young people, especially in regards to Theatre Arts, our Grenadian history, our Grenadian Culture because as you look around I believe that we have some issues with indentifying ourselves with who we are as Grenadians.

Director of the Legal Aid and Counselling Clinic, Tyrone Buckmire disclosed that the money will be used to help develop their Changes, Alternatives, Hope and its flagship programme, “Man to Man”.

He said: “Man to Man is part of a regional initiative called the Partnership for Peace programme which is actually a court mandated programme for perpetrators of gender-based violence, and men who are charged with Gender-based Violence offences can be ordered to by the court to do the Man to Man programme.

“In addition to those four psycho-educational programmes we offer a range of psycho-social services – we do counseling, we do clinical assessment and evaluation, we do mediation for child support and child visitation and we offer a range of legal services in the civil jurisdiction of the court.

According to Police Band Manager, Inspector Andy Lewis, the band is for the first time seeking to pay some of the artistes who will be taking part in the Christmas concert and the donation will be used to assist in the effort.

“We have been doing that concert for 10 years now, this year would be our tenth anniversary, of which we’re looking to pay the artist. The funds that are generated, we’re using that funds to go on a trip to the United States hopefully next year God’s will and we’re hoping to continue the concert as the years go on. Over the years the concert has been growing. This year we have quite a few artistes,” Inspector Lewis said.

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