Hubbard’s continues consultation with Construction Professionals

Jonas Browne & Hubbard (G’da) Ltd hosted its 5th consultation session with building contractors on November 15 at the Coyaba Beach Resort in the south of the island.

Acting Managing Director of Hubbards, Philbert Lewis

The purpose of the meeting and informational session, which lasted several hours, was highlighted as creating an avenue to hear from contractors regarding the goods and services provided by Hubbard’s.

As one of the island’s main suppliers of building materials and fixtures & fittings for both external and internal construction and finishing, the Company ensures that this consultation exercise is a must.

The lively interactive session was attended by over 40 local construction professionals from Grenada and Carriacou, who were satisfied with the goods and services that Hubbard’s offers.

Acting General Manager at Hubbards, Philbert Lewis opened the session stating, “Hubbard’s cannot exist without you, the contractors, as you are an integral and highly valued part of our client base”.

“Our 2018-2021 Strategic Plan does not cater only to satisfy you as our clients, but seeks to provide avenues for us to listen and learn together, so that we can exceed your expectations”, he said.

“With this in mind we are looking at widening our range of products and services, so that we can all become partners in seeking to mutually benefit the construction industry in Grenada”, he added.

To give the professionals a holistic picture of the breadth of the projects they are involved in, representatives from the insurance sector and Physical Planning Unit made presentations during the consultation.

Grenadian General Insurance executive, Brian Pivott reminded them of their responsibility to themselves, employees and the project owners, and strongly encouraged proper discussion on the insurance policies required to mitigate the risks for all concerned.

Construction professionals attending consultation event

A topic requiring increased awareness, on the part of the contractors was introduced by Head of government’s Physical Planning Unit (PPU),Fabian Purcell who urged participants to be aware of the critical analysis work being done by the Unit.

Part of this was shared with the audience in the form of an illustrated document showing areas where physical development (building works) can occur readily, and conversely areas of flooding, slippage, coastal resource and forestry, which might require a different approach to a project.

All of these factors could have critical implications for the contractor and their cost estimates to project owners.

It was also pointed out that these could include higher or lower insurance premiums, which might apply.

The PPU also advised those in attendance that a series of lectures were being held at the National Stadium for the entire week, looking at impacts of hurricanes and learning from these in terms of building resilience for residential structures.

Jonas Browne & Hubbard wishes to thank both the presenters and construction professionals in attendance who helped to ensure that the consultation was a valuable exercise for all concerned.

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