$300,000 bail for drug accused

After spending approximately two weeks at Her Majesty’s Prison due to the refusal by Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill to grant bail, Venezuelan national Breeny Emeneria Drira Lopez who is currently charged for possession of illegal drugs was finally granted bail on Monday.

Breeny Lopez – has been granted bail after spending weeks in prison

Lopez appeared at the St, George’s No.1 Magistrate’s Court along with his legal representative, Alley Gill to make another attempt to secure bail.

The accused was nabbed by police two days before his three months stay in Grenada visiting family had expired and for this reason bail was objected to by the Prosecution and denied by Magistrate Gill.

In trying to secure bail for his client on Monday, Attorney Gill told the court that Lopez was able to get an extension of stay in Grenada from the State until February 3rd, 2019.

Gill said that given the current conditions in Venezuela, his client would not be in a rush to return home and that “he is better off living in Grenada.”

He pointed out that Lopez’s offence may carry a light prison sentence and is “nothing to run to the heavens about” since “he has not killed anybody.”

Gill also told the Chief Magistrate that the wife and children of the drug accused are citizens of Grenada and should be seen as one of the encouraging factors for him to remain in the country.

“I do not see a great motivation for him to flee the state…he has strong family ties in Grenada”, he said.

The Prosecution, which was led by Corporal of Police Kerry Swan who did not directly object to the bail but raised subtle concerns of the possibility of the accused absconding.

However, Chief Magistrate Gill granted bail in the sum of $300,000.00 with stipulated conditions that Lopez report to the Central Police Station at the Carenage, St. George daily between the hours of 6.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m, and that he does not leave the jurisdiction without the permission from the court.

Lopez along with Moonlight City businessman Daniel “Diego” Peters and Decauris Fransico Alberto are currently before the court in connection with 3.175 kilos of Cocaine that was seized by the Drug Squad.

Lopez was charged with Possession of a Controlled Drug, Trafficking of a Controlled Drug and Conspiracy to Traffic a Controlled Drug while Alberto has been charged with Possession of a Controlled Drug and Trafficking of a Controlled Drug and Peters charged with Possession of a Controlled Drug, Trafficking of a Controlled Drug, Conspiracy to traffic a Controlled Drug and Money Laundering.

The drug suspects are due to return to court on December 10.

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