Two hospitalised in crash of stolen vehicle

Police are looking to press drug charges against two men who were left to nurse serious injuries at the St. George’s General Hospital following a major accident along the Lagoon Road last Sunday morning.

Bus shed caved in on crashed vehicle

The vehicle that the men were travelling in got out of control at high speed and collided with the bus shed along the Kirani James Boulevard.

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident as a quantity of ganja was allegedly discovered in the damaged vehicle.

A police insider told THE NEW TODAY that the owner of the vehicle who is a teacher at a secondary school, had reported it stolen hours before the accident.

The owner reported giving one of the men a ride from the Golf Course area and had stopped off at a Convenience Shop at a gas station in the south of the island to purchase some items.

“He (the owner) said he went in the shop but left the vehicle on and in idle with the man inside it. He said that when he came back out he did not see the vehicle and he saw a policeman standing outside the shop and reported the matter to him”, said the source.

The source stated that the occupants of the stolen vehicle are yet to be questioned by Police investigators about the illegal drugs due to their conditions at the hospital.

He said that apart from the ganja, the lawmen are unearthing information that the men were also drinking a lot of Guinness for the night.

The incident which is said to have occurred at around 5.00 a.m. on last Sunday left the driver of the vehicle, 25-year-old Tevin Cox in a very critical condition while the passenger Kareem Woodroofe is in a more stable condition.

The collision with the bus shed saw an entire column of the structure being broken down and the roof caving in on the car.

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