Chinese Embassy donates computers to Her Majesty’s Prison

Approximately $14,000 have been invested in Her Majesty’s Prison at Richmond Hill by the Chinese Embassy as it provided five computers to the institution to help in its drive towards enhancing security there.

Commissioner of Prison, John Mitchell, PS Sally-Ann Bhagwan-Logie and Chinese Ambassador, Zhao Bhagwan during the handing over ceremony for the computers

The handing over ceremony was held last week Wednesday at the Conference Room of the Chinese Embassy on Maurice Bishop Highway, Grand Anse, St. George.
Chinese Ambassador to Grenada, Zhao Yongchen stated that the computers can be used in an effective way towards the security of the island.

“Today we are donating some computers to the National Prison. We hope the National Prison can use these computers for importance to security. I hope that you can provide over the country safety, as I know Grenada is a safety country…”, he said.

The Chinese ambssador stressed that the prisons can seek out computer training in China.

In accepting the computers, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security, Sally-Ann Bhagwan-Logie pointed out that it will help the prison in the advancement of its Information Communication Technology (ICT) programme.

“As you know … we’re trying to advance the use of ICT in our work and at the prison. We had started the process of the integrated information system and these five computers are important for us for use by the Prison administration to further the work that we are doing…database and all”, she said.

“We at the Ministry of ICT are going to ensure that the computers are serviced and the necessary training will be done so that they can efficiently and effectively do the work of the prison’s management”, she added.

Commissioner of Prisons, John Mitchell and some senior prison officers attended the short handing over ceremony.

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