Prisoners get early release

Two St. Paul’s residents have been released from jail after serving nearly five calendar years (approximately eight prison years) of respective 10 and 12-year sentences at the Richmond Hill Prison for rape and Indecent Assault.

Kenston Grimes – was released from jail after serving close to eight prison years of a 12-year sentence

25-year-old Kenston Grimes and Todd Sylvester, 24, were convicted on two counts of Rape and one count of Indecent Assault, following incidents that reportedly occurred in September 2011 at Berrotte in St. David.

The sentences were handed down by a High Court judge in December 2013, at the end of their trial, which lasted for approximately three months.

Grimes and Sylvester who were both represented by Attorney-at Law Anselm Clouden appealed their sentences in April 2014 and it took approximately four years and six months for their transcripts to be ready.

The Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal, which sat in Grenada during the week of October 15-19 ruled in favour of the two accused.

Clouden agreed to withdraw his appeal against their convictions as part of a brokered deal with State Prosecutors when the case came up before the Justices of Appeal on October 19.

Crown Counsel in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Howard Pinnock, agreed to a proposal in which time served was considered as being an appropriate sentence in the matter.

Attorney Clouden was appealing among other things against his clients conviction, a delay in prosecuting the appeal and the admission of inadmissible evidence.

The Court of Appeal judges allowed time serve as time spent and discharged them considering the lengthy delay to have their appeals heard.

THE NEW TODAY caught up with Kenston Grimes and Todd Sylvester as they exited the court room, which was set up in a section of the Parliament Building at Mt. Wheldale, St. George.

An elated Sylvester only said “I just want to go,” and walked away leaving behind Grimes, who spared a minute to share his story.
Grimes, who said his release from prison comes three days before his 25th birthday, considered his freedom as an early birthday present.

Speaking exclusively with THE NEW TODAY, Grimes said: “I am so happy I just want to go check my kids…First I am going and check my kids and after that I am going to try to find a job.”
He added that being in prison has taught him a lot and he plans “to use this knowledge to help others.”

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