Four new faces in the legal profession

The legal profession in Grenada continues to grow but seems to be continually dominated by women as three females and one male were called to the Bar on Tuesday.

Newly enrolled attorneys-at-law – Zuriel Francique, Caryn Adams, Crystal Braveboy-Chetram and Arya Redhead – are ready to put their feet firmly on the ground in the profession

In a special sitting held last week at St. George’s No.1 High Court on St. John’s Street, graduates of the University of the West Indies (UWI), Arya Redhead, Crystal Braveboy-Chetram, Caryn Adams and Zuriel Francique were admitted as lawyers to ply their trade in the local courts.

Dominican-born high court Judge, Madam Justice Wynante Adrien-Roberts, who presided over the ceremony delivered some words of advice to the new attorneys in which she urged them to include honesty in their practice of the law.

She said, “I am very much impressed with your academic achievements, your performance at the Bar will be equal to your academic achievements. Integrity is a personal characteristic – your moral compass should guide you.

“On a daily basis people will try to change who you are, do not sell your integrity. Be honest with your clients, encourage your clients to be honest, uphold the dignity”, she admonished them.

The four new additions to the profession are all 2016 graduates of the UWI Cave Hill Campus.

The new entrants all vowed to “…truly and honestly conduct” themselves “in the practice of law as an Attorney-at-Law” according to the best of their “knowledge, skills and ability”.

Attorney-at-law Arya Redhead whose mother is a qualified barrister will be based at the Ministry of Legal Affairs with specific focus on Legislative drafting.

Crystal Braveboy-Chetram plans to concentrate on Civil Law at the law firm of Braveboy & Co, while Caryn Adams will be attached with Duncan Phillip & Associates and plans to focus on all aspects of the law except Criminal Law.

Attorney Zuriel Francique, is said to be a nephew of Celia Clyne, QC and will be based at her law firm of George E.D. Clyne Edwards doing general law practice.

Francique vowed before the court that he will be an upstanding officer of the court.

“I stand here with a sense of gratitude and humility as I express thanks…for accepting my application to be admitted to the bar this morning. By the very nature of this noble profession, I am duty bound to tender my undertaking to the court”, he said.

“I took an oath and I accept the responsibility. I tender my undertaking to advise you of this honourable legal fraternity to adhere to the provision of the legal profession, to be a practitioner within the profession…to be an upstanding officer of this court,” he added.

In the case of Adams, she underscored her love for law which started at the T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC).

She said, “As a young child, I knew I had a passion for people. At the end of my period at secondary school, I became aware of an opportunity to do a course called law at the T.A. Marryshow Community College and that is when I decided that I should undertake this course and maybe see if that is where my passion was headed to.

“During my two-year period at the T.A. Marryshow Community College, I realised that the area of law was something that I was really passionate about. It was never an easy journey for me, it was always challenging. I was not the quickest learner but I knew that the area of law was something that I wanted to stick to”, she added.

According to Braveboy-Chetram, she is not taking lightly the duty she has been called to perform in the legal profession.

“This occasion holds great significance for me as I reflect on the countless challenges, fears…that it took for me to arrive at this point in life’s journey. Today, I also reflect on the great responsibility that I have now voluntarily embraced by becoming a member of the legal profession.

“I do not take lightly the duty that I now bear by virtue of the legal profession act and code of office, nor do I take lightly the ideals and standards of this profession. I do therefore; undertake to discharge my duties as an Attorney of Law, an officer of the court with integrity, professionalism, veracity, honesty and propriety.

Redhead stated that when she first started off her studies that Law was nowhere on her mind but a compelling conversation by her mother who is also an attorney-at-law and a cousin of hers led her to studying law and she has not regretted making that decision.

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