High-Ranking Police Officer Accused of Sexual Misconduct with Teenager

A senior officer attached to the Special Service Unit (SSU) at Point Salines has been sent on leave as he is the subject of an investigation involving sexual misconduct.

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) confirmed that an investigation was being carried out against the officer in a release issued Monday to the local media by the Community Relations Department (CRD).

THE NEW TODAY understands that the matter involves a Superintendant of Police who was placed in an influential position at SSU where a 16-year old was being accommodated as she is the main witness for the state in an upcoming murder trial.

A well-placed source told this newspaper that the sexual engagement allegedly took place on Wednesday night at Camp Salines and the 16-year old reported it early Thursday morning to a female Inspector of Police as soon as she came to work.

He said the matter was brought to the attention of the Police High Command at Fort George and the officer was called in to be confronted about the allegation.

According to the source, he is surprised at this turn of event as the Superintendent is known to have raised strong objection to the 16-year old being sent to the SSU camp given the number of males live-in there.

“I just can’t believe this thing. He (the Superintendent) was opposed to the little girl coming dey. He was saying all along that the boys and them dey (at Camp Salines) are hot and would want to go after the girl so she should not be kept there”, he said.

It is alleged that the 16-year old entered the living quarters of the Superintendent at night and asked for some kind of a pill to help in the relief of an oncoming cold when the alleged sexual encounter took place.

This newspaper was told that the teenager had given consent but after a few minutes she asked the Superintendent to stop.

The 16-year old was examined by a medical doctor who confirmed in a prepared report that there was penetration inside of her.

The source said that a decision was eventually taken by the High Command to relief the officer of his licensed firearm and then asking him to take leave to facilitate the investigative process into the complaint.

According to information reaching this newspaper, the 16-year old girl has since been removed from Camp Salines and placed at another safe house.

The police release said that “on completion of the inquiry, the usual protocol will be followed, where the file will be submitted to the Director of Public Prosecutions for directive.”

This development comes on the heels of the Acting Commissioner of Police, Edvin Martin launching a Special Victims Unit (SVU) about a month ago to help fight the high rate of sexual offences that are taking over the local courts.

Earlier this year, a Sergeant of Police was placed under investigation by RGPF for allegedly sexually assaulting a school girl.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the victim provided the information about the alleged sexual encounter involving the middle rank police officer during a march earlier this year against sexual abuse that was facilitated by the CID Department.

It has been six months since the incident was first brought to the fore by this newspaper but no charge has been laid in the matter.

The police have said that the case file was sent to the Office of Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for further instructions.

The Sergeant was reportedly taken off the street but is now seen back on active duty in and around St. George’s.

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