National Pride

By Clare Adams

It is often said that whatever field they enter (whether sports, studies or otherwise) Grenadians will always shine or outshine their colleagues/competitors.

The latest batch of Grenadians who excelled at the Sir Hugh Wooding Law School in neighbouring Trinidad & Tobago

Last Saturday was no exception as we proudly witnessed the graduation ceremony of our daughter, who received three awards including Best Advocate Award, from the Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad and Tobago.

However, it was more than just family pride. Out of 185 graduants receiving their Legal Education Certificates, the four young Grenadians who demonstrated outstanding academic excellence, received several prestigious awards. They were Crystal (Inga) Braveboy- Chetram, Arya Redhead, Caryn Adams and the lone male, Zuriel Francique.

As already mentioned in other postings and via local news, Crystal Braveboy-Chetram and Arya Redhead cropped the top awards. Most Outstanding Student Over Two Years and Most Outstanding Year Two Student were awarded to Crystal and Arya respectively.

Zuriel received the American Caribbean Law Initiative Prize. Crystal also cropped the Grenada Bar Association Award. And even though the names were called in alphabetical order, it was indeed a glowing moment for my husband and I as Crystal crossed the floor ahead of the group.

Both Crystal and Caryn are past pupils of the South St. George Government School or Springs School and, like Arya, of the St. Joseph Convent, St. George’s. The three of them are also Island Scholars.

Caryn and Crystal also grew up in Springs, where my husband and I currently teach and reside. Therefore, it was an extremely proud feeling one that was later shared by the villagers of Springs and the teachers of their Alma Matas.

Moreover, as many would recall, Mrs. Braveboy-Chetram, was also valedictorian of the Class of 2016 who studied for their LLB at the same school.
Another crowing moment was the delivery of the valedictory speech by Ms. Arya Redhead who also received 7 awards and was one of five students selected for the Principal’s Honour Roll.

Arya’s tone, clarity and confidence resonated well with the audience as she delivered a well-written and inspiring farewell speech. Her manner of delivery was well noted by the feature address speaker Honourable Mr. Justice Winston Anderson, Judge of the Caribbean Court of Justice.

As I listened to Arya’s delivery, I recalled the prophetic words of my former research supervisor, a Trinidadian. On learning that my daughter was studying at the Hugh Wooding Law School, she commented that she and the other Grenadians would do well given that (based on her experience at the school), the Grenadians are usually the valedictorians.

Recent history can attest to this fact as names such as Lawrene Griffith and Skeeta Chitan among other past outstanding Grenadian Hugh Wooding graduates come to mind.

Former Prime Minister Hon. Tillman Thomas once said that education without good character is of no value. Without a doubt we know that Grenada do possess a cadre of such personalities in every walk of life.

Accordingly, the future of the legal field seems to be in good hands as these four upcoming legal practitioners possess not only brain and good looks but also excellent character.

I have no doubt therefore, that as they wait admission to the bar in a few days’ time, that they will serve their country with high ethical standards, and moral and spiritual values.

The achievements by these four young legal minds among others, should certainly motivate the current Government (and those to come) to continue to invest in its human resource development especially in the nations’ youths through scholarships and other innovative means.

Additionally, the graduates expressed interest in family law, advocacy work and the drafting of laws should grab the attention of the proponents of child protection and safety.

As Attorneys Adams, Braveboy-Chetram, Francique and Redhead were inspired by those who crossed the path before them, may those who come after find inspiration in their current accomplishments.

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