Hubbard’s give to Rose Hill Infant School

The Rose Hill Infants School in St. Patrick’s has received a refrigerator as a gift from Jonas Browne & Hubbard (G’da) Ltd to serve over 50 infants.

Principal of Rose Hill Infant School receives the gift from Anthony Phillip of Hubbards

The school, which has served the community for over 50 years, received the much-needed gift last week Friday to accommodate the lunch and break time needs of the little ones.

The request for the refrigerator was made to the island’s leading firm by school actingprincipal, Lystra Mark who received an extremely prompt response.

Mark said, “the school looks after the break-time and lunchtime needs of approximately 50 children, so having a refrigerator in good working condition is imperative”.

“This gift is so timely for us and will go a long way towards taking care of the important nutritional needs of the children. All of us and the children wish to offer Hubbard’s our heartfelt thanks” she added.

The fridge was delivered to the school and presented by Manager of Hubbard’s Appliance Dept, Anthony Phillip.

He noted, “As a large Company, we have an obligation to assist those in need, particularly within communities. If we as corporate entities show awareness that assisting our children, assists both the community and the nation, we will endeavour to do whatever is within our means.”

Phillip pointed out that the white Westinghouse fridge, given to the school is an energy efficient model, keeping both the school’s electricity bills and carbon footprint as low as possible, an important factor for consideration with respect to the future of the nation’s children and the planet.

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