Ban those dirty songs too!!!

Countries across the globe, including Grenada, have been banning Styrofoam and single-use plastics, as the answer to solid waste pollution of our land, waterways and oceans. But in Grenada, air pollution is doing much damage, and we have not yet done anything about it.

The obscene and sexually explicit songs that bombard our airwaves from morning to night on the scores of FM stations across the island, have become unbearable and something needs to be done about it.

The main theme, Whine and Jam, corrupts the minds of the innocent children and drive the men of this Nation into illicit sexual behaviour that land them in Jail. Music is very powerful. If we keep pounding the wrong message into people’s minds day and night, they will practice what they meditate on. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”.

I saw a three-year old boy whining in front some little girls of the same age in the town of Sauteurs, on a school day, after school. I heard and saw a little girl on a bus singing and vibrating to the tune of one of those smutty songs.

She was not singing the alphabet, neither the multiplication tables or some nursery rhyme. Yet another seven-year old girl on Bathway beach was whining away for all to see. What are we producing? Pure Grenada? Poor Grenada!

I even heard a recent song with the four letter bad word. Why does the Ministry of Culture allow obscene language in song? How would children have respect for their parents, teachers and elders when we allow them to think that the obscene language is an acceptable form of communication? Would CXC pass a student if he were to punctuate his essay with the obscene language?

If we want to keep Grenada pure, let us not only focus on the land and sea. Let us look at the air we breathe and the air waves we hear, and clean them up too. Next carnival, give the soca artists a different theme to sing about.

Jennifer Andall

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