Work of Save the Camerhogne Park Committee

The Save the Camerhogne Park committee is now a registered non-profit organisation, as it continues its battle to keep the park as a national patrimony and not be sold by government to developers in the private sector.

Speaking to THE NEW TODAY newspaper in an exclusive interview, Chairman of the committee, Jude Bernard said that the group is now pushing its Bumper Sticker Campaign as there is need for it to get off on a sound footing.

Proper maintenance of the park is expected with this new undertaking by the committee

Bernard said the Committee is encouraging locals to appreciate the park and its use as an important part of Grenada’s patrimony, and to see it as an example for prudent environmental planning, and as an ideal location for community-building activities.

He pointed out that the committee which was registered as a non-profit entity on September 18 in currently collaborating with the Ministry of Tourism to promote the enhancement and proper maintenance of the park.

He said the members of the group are committed to demonstrating transparency throughout its dealings with the general public on the Camerhogne Paerk issue.

“…We also felt that there is a need to have transparency in terms of funds we hope to collect, so that people won’t be writing cheques to individual members or giving them cash. So, we felt that we should have a proper bank account, which we have also set up at the Grenada Co-operative Bank”, he said.

“We want to do things right, we want to give people also a number of options for making contribution to the campaign because as we said, we believe we may have to raise about $100,000 because we want to print in excess of 20,000 stickers,” he said.

According to Bernard, the committee is mindful of the need to put in place a system to cater for persons who want to be silent contributors to the cause.

He said: “There are many people who have indicated their support for protecting and preserving the Camerhogne Park, however, some of them are very close (supporters) of the government and all those people who don’t want to get involved or mixed up in anything that’s going to look political or anti-government and they didn’t want their actions to (be) misconstrued as being against the government but in actual fact, they are just being for the park”.

“… Most of the people will like to be anonymous when supporting the project… so by having a bank account, by having an email address, having a website and all those things…”, he added.

Bernard also said: “…Very soon we are going to activate a facebook page…we are giving folks numerous options on how they can get involved…to share ideas and to work with us to put together a comprehensive plan for protecting and preserving the park, maintaining and sustaining it”.

Bernard disclosed that the committee will soon engage in follow-up contact with the Ministry of Tourism to help enhance the park through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

He promised that in the coming weeks a comprehensive plan will be put together to ensure that all the objectives of the group are met.

“We have done some of the ground work we wanted to do and we’re now ready to get all the support that we can garner from the general public, both here and in the diaspora …to put together a campaign in protection of the park”, he said.

“We are looking at printing different types of (material) because some people want windscreen stickers, some want bumpers, some want some for windows – so different sizes. So, we can all probably go into some kind of merchandising like T-Shirts and some other things but we first have to raise the money and we didn’t want to start (to) raise the money unless we had the infrastructure in place…now we have the infrastructure with the certificate of incorporation and a bank account”, he added.

The Bank Account number through which monetary contributions can be made to the Save the Camerhogne Park Committee is 413000607 and committee members can be contacted on (473) 415-1146 or through its P.O. Box 1121, St. George’s, Grenada.

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